Lucrative Science Career with NEST

Lucrative Science Career with NEST 2015

Parents as well as students, are quite worried after they complete their class 12 exams, they are actually at the career crossroads trying to figure out how to proceed. So if you plan to proceed with an M.Sc course in the future in the basic science spectrum, there is nothing better than joining renowned institutes like NISER in Bhubaneswar and CBS at Mumbai, established under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. To precede your career objective with the best footing studies in this prestigious institute you need to crack the NEST exams 2015 in order to opt for this 5 year long M.Sc curriculum.

CBS and NISER have been set up to build and support a brand establishment in the field of fundamental sciences. The inventive showing routines and the accentuation we put on lab and undertaking work will help to develop and create your test and explanatory aptitudes, and Satisfy the expanding interest for very qualified, roused and capable youthful personalities to leave on vacations in innovative work in different science and engineering ranges, specifically those regions that are of significance to the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. The center point is to pull in adolescent personalities to the boondocks of energizing research in essential sciences in order to make a substantial commitment to making India a dynamic, alert and vote based information based powerhouse with the opening of Indian industry, a few open doors, particularly in R&D foundations – both in the private and open segment are getting to be accessible.

The students experience extremely thorough research center work alongside thorough hypothetical courses, joined with the visits and presentation of some of our nation’s leading institutes examination foundations, and additionally on-running communications with employees from BARC, TIFR, IIT-B, ICT, and so forth, and opportunities for ventures under the direction of the nation’s top researchers and academicians.

Where you can work with

The growing expansion plans and the need of motivated and trained human resources from NISER or CBS provide an opportunity to join the pass outs in the department of science or the Indian space research organization. You also have the opening to work with the atomic energy department and its various units, not to leave out the Indian institute of technology or the department of oceanography. The various branches are in a continuous lookout for faculty members and also for research associates to further strengthen the different programs carried out for development.

These institutes are the source of the highly qualified students, the cream of the nation to build a strong nation of ours with various development activities. Those who have further come out with flying colors are encouraged to do further studies to a doctorate level leading to the Ph.D.

NISER and CBS students also have given a go ahead with the direct interview for the admission of the BARC training institute. This one year integrated course where the students are pitched by different scientists and engineers in various branches of science and engineering. After the successful completion BARC school students are absorbed in regular research and development position in various organizations.

About NISER, Bhubaneshwar

NISER Bhubaneswar nurtures our future scientists

It was way back in the year 2006 that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced the setting of the National Institute of Science and Research (NISER) at Bhubaneswar. The objective on such an initiative is to attract the meritorious students towards learning of Science and indirectly improve the quality of teaching of science and mathematics at the school level. The institute is set for the talented scholars to pursue a career in the field of science development and research.

NISER speaks for itself

The National Institute of Science Education and Research will encourage this collaboration in the research and advanced education. The accentuation of education at NISER is to create scientific trained manpower of an astounding which could specifically discover placement the nation over. More noteworthy accentuation to be on extensions of science important to the Department of Atomic Energy and likewise indulging the better use of nearby local assets.

NISER is an organization at standard with the best in the nation as far as infrastructure and facilities are concerned. It does compete with loads of rehearsed with the best colleges in the world. This will guarantee world class education and likewise pull in the best scientists. It is equipped with world-class facilities for research in all the developing limbs of science including Physical science, Chemistry, Biology and also in the field of Environmental sciences.

Keeping in mind the end goal to attract bright young students to this integrated course, the course maintains a standard and difficulty on a world-class level. The students are bestowed stipend to the students furthermore permit them time for research exercises actually amid their understudy days. There are campus interviews and placements and both research focuses and in industry to make the course more attractive to the students in the present competitive environment that actually attracts the students to IT-related jobs.

NISER caters to a range of scientific related courses

The course provides MSc programs for duration of 5 years catering to bestow knowledge in the emerging field of basic science, in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. An aspirant takes admission after completion of class 12 exams. After the completion of MSc degrees, there is also an opportunity to further pursue Ph.D degrees along with employment prospects in different Research and Development organizations and industries across the country.

There are also occasions where a student does join the integrated MSc course or the Ph.D programs after the completion of BSc in some other University. Joining the Ph.D curriculum is also possible after MSc study from other Universities.

NISER a strong foundation in the field of science and research

The program will be intended to give solid establishments to students, through the core courses, before they set out at the edge of research in the field of their decision. Be that as it may, NISER’s educational module will guarantee that each understudy is acquainted with energies to various different extensions of the scientific spectrum. NISER vision is to make an environment of scientific culture where each section exceeds the expectations in any field a student tries to seek further research.

About Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences Mumbai

The Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai is the future for pure science aspirants

In a pattern that breaks the general discernment that there are not very many takers for pure science instruction in the nation, the quantity of understudies applying at the Center for Excellence in Basic Sciences (CBS), Mumbai, has gone up by in excess of four times since 2007.

The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India and the University of Mumbai, Vidyanagari Campus jointly dispatched, in September 2007, a Center for Excellence in Basic Sciences (CBS) offering brilliant undergrad teaching inserted in a postgraduate and examination environment program in the Basic Sciences for understudies who have finished 10+2 schooling or its comparable.

The fame of fundamental sciences is on an ascent among understudies. That is a decent sign as India needs numerous great researchers. While the furor for engineering may continue, understudies likewise understood that even science is a decent alternative and opens up numerous parkways, both within the country and internationally. The number of seats for the CBS Mumbai is only 35 but the number of applicants have increased over the years from a 3250 in the year of inception to 24, 155 applications that have been submitted last year.

How to get admission in CBS, Mumbai

Students looking for admission to CBS need to show up for a National Entrance Screening Test (NEST) that is directed at a substantial number of focusing on India. Home is a typical screening test for both CBS and their sister association, NISER, Bhubaneswar and Santiniketan. Chosen students are called for advising and admission to CBS. Temporary allocation of streams of incorporating M. Sc. courses is set aside a few minutes of directing and students are obliged to fork over the required fees at the time of admission.

What do you study in the M. Sc. program

The curriculum for the initial two semesters (first year) will be regular to all students, and specialization will start with the third semester. The center courses in the subject of specialization will give solid establishments in both in theory and also in the practical sense in each and every discipline. Also, students will be obliged to experience a specific number of courses in different subjects moreover. All students do have to study some compulsory courses covering points like science communication, the history and philosophy related science subject, energy and science, and world writing. During the 4th and the 5th year the syllabus gives to cutting edge with advance knowledge and studies over a particular subject. In the fifth year, each student will embrace a significant guided research project which, in the best cases, will form into an undeniable doctoral-level research project. The conclusion of the fifth-year project will be accounted for as a theory. All through the five-year program, students will be swayed to take up summer projects in rumored national research facilities and colleges. Eminent scientists from India and abroad will consistently give colloquia and courses and interface with the students. This has effectively begun, with a dynamic Tuesday Colloquium arrangement set up. So, the CBS curriculum is intended to guarantee profundity in the region of specialization together with broadness of introduction and intelligent improvement, and to set up every student for an abnormal state proficient research and advancement vocation in national labs, colleges and industry.

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