OUAT Hostels at various colleges

OUAT Hostel Facilities

After Admission into any College each student shall be required to apply to the Dean, Students’ Welfare (DSW) through respective Deans/Directors for accommodation into the hostels located at Bhubaneswar. However the students belonging to the College of Agriculture,Chiplima, College of Horticulture, Chiplima, College of Agriculture, Bhawanipatna and College of Fisheries, Rangeilunda shall apply to  the Associate Dean concerned and Director, College of Fisheries for their accommodation in hostel. However, if the parents/guardian are staying at above mentioned places, the students may apply to Dean, Students’ Welfare for permission to stay outside the hostel.

OUAT Medical Facility

The University runs a Health Center and Physiotherapy Unit with Ambulance facility at Bhubaneswar campus managed by qualified and experienced Doctors. It provides free outdoor treatments to students of the University in its Health Centre.

List of Hostels

The accommodation will be provided to the students in the following hostels as per availability of seats in the hostel.

List of Boy’s Hostel

Boys’ Hostel
Sl. No.Name of the HostelLocation
01Gopabandhu HostelBhubaneswar
02Godavarisha HostelBhubaneswar
03Nilakantha HostelBhubaneswar
04Krupasindhu HostelBhubaneswar
05Kharavela HostelBhubaneswar
06Toshali HostelBhubaneswar
07Madhusudan HostelBhubaneswar
08Pathani Samantha HostelBhubaneswar
09Vir Surendra Sai HostelChiplima
10Gangadhar HostelChiplima
11Bhima Bhoi HostelChiplima
12Krushna Chandra Dev HostelRangeilunda
13Bhabani Shankar HostelBhawanipatna

List of OUAT Girl’s Hostel

Girls’ Hostel
Sl. No.Name of the HostelLocation
01Srujanika HostelBhubaneswar
02Kuntala kumari HostelBhubaneswar
03Malati Devi HostelBhubaneswar
04Rama Devi HostelBhubaneswar
05Maa Jhadeswari HostelBhubaneswar
06Nandini Satapathy HostelBhubaneswar
07Tulasi Munda HostelBhubaneswar
08Sarada Devi HostelBhubaneswar
09Samaleswari HostelChiplima
10Ghanteswari HostelChiplima
11Maheswari HostelChiplima
12Girls HostelRangeilunda
13Manikeswari HostelBhawanipatna