OUAT Hostels at various colleges

OUAT Hostel Facilities

After Admission into any College each student shall be required to apply to the Dean, Students’ Welfare (DSW) through respective Deans/Directors for accommodation into the hostels located at Bhubaneswar. However the students belonging to the College of Agriculture,Chiplima, College of Horticulture, Chiplima, College of Agriculture, Bhawanipatna and College of Fisheries, Rangeilunda shall apply to  the Associate Dean concerned and Director, College of Fisheries for their accommodation in hostel. However, if the parents/guardian are staying at above mentioned places, the students may apply to Dean, Students’ Welfare for permission to stay outside the hostel.

OUAT Medical Facility

The University runs a Health Center and Physiotherapy Unit with Ambulance facility at Bhubaneswar campus managed by qualified and experienced Doctors. It provides free outdoor treatments to students of the University in its Health Centre.

List of Hostels

The accommodation will be provided to the students in the following hostels as per availability of seats in the hostel.

List of Boy’s Hostel

Boys’ Hostel
Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Location
01 Gopabandhu Hostel Bhubaneswar
02 Godavarisha Hostel Bhubaneswar
03 Nilakantha Hostel Bhubaneswar
04 Krupasindhu Hostel Bhubaneswar
05 Kharavela Hostel Bhubaneswar
06 Toshali Hostel Bhubaneswar
07 Madhusudan Hostel Bhubaneswar
08 Pathani Samantha Hostel Bhubaneswar
09 Vir Surendra Sai Hostel Chiplima
10 Gangadhar Hostel Chiplima
11 Bhima Bhoi Hostel Chiplima
12 Krushna Chandra Dev Hostel Rangeilunda
13 Bhabani Shankar Hostel Bhawanipatna

List of OUAT Girl’s Hostel

Girls’ Hostel
Sl. No. Name of the Hostel Location
01 Srujanika Hostel Bhubaneswar
02 Kuntala kumari Hostel Bhubaneswar
03 Malati Devi Hostel Bhubaneswar
04 Rama Devi Hostel Bhubaneswar
05 Maa Jhadeswari Hostel Bhubaneswar
06 Nandini Satapathy Hostel Bhubaneswar
07 Tulasi Munda Hostel Bhubaneswar
08 Sarada Devi Hostel Bhubaneswar
09 Samaleswari Hostel Chiplima
10 Ghanteswari Hostel Chiplima
11 Maheswari Hostel Chiplima
12 Girls Hostel Rangeilunda
13 Manikeswari Hostel Bhawanipatna

OUAT Fee Structure

A. OUAT Admission Fees (One Time Fee)

(All figures in INR)

 Registration fees 200
 Recognition Fee 100
 Identity Card 100
 Library Caution Money 500
 Laboratory Caution Money 1,000
 Cultural Fee 600
 Fee for sports including yoga 600
 Provisional Degree Certificate 200
 Consolidated Semester Transcript 300
 Migration Certificate 200

Development Fees

(i) B.Sc.(Hons.)Agriculture/B.Sc.(Hons.)Horticulture/B.Sc.(Hons.)Forestry/B.F.Sc./B.Tech.(Agril.Engg.)
(Development Fee Rs.24,000/-+Internet/ Comp. Lab Fee Rs.6,000/-)
(ii) B.V.Sc. & A.H. (Development Fee Rs.34,500/-+Internet / Comp. Lab Fee Rs.7,500/-) 42,000.00
(iii) B.Sc.(Hons.) Community Science
(Development FeeRs. 4,000/-)+Computer Lab & Internet Fees (6,000/-)

Group Insurance

i) Four year course 204.00
ii) Five year course 240.00
Orientation programme 200.00

B. Registration Fees


(a) Admission fees 500.00
(b) (i) Tuition Fees
B.F. Sc/B.Tech(Agril.Engg.)
ii) B. Sc.(Hons.) Community Science 700.00
(c) Medical Fee 200.00
(d) Examination Fees 1,200.00

2. ANNUAL FEES (only for B.V.Sc & AH)

(a) Admission fees 500.00
(b) Tuition fees 14000.00
(c) Medical Fee 400.00
(d) Examination Fees 1,200.00


i) SEAT RENT (Per Semester per Boarder)
Single Seated Room 1000.00
Double Seated Room 850.00
Three or Four Seated Room 700.00
More than Four Seated Room 500.00
ii) Electricity deposit (Per Semester)
(Actual to be collected at the time of next Registration)
iii) Water Charges (Per Semester) 200.00
iv) Hostel Common Room (Per Semester) 300.00
v) Hostel Development Fund (Per Semester) 800.00
vi) Hostel Establishment (Annual) 6000.00
vii) Hostel Caution Money (once at the time of admission) 500.00
Mess advance (per semester)
(Actual expenditure will be squared up at the time of registration into next semester)

Mess advance (per semester):

(i) The students desirous of continuing stay in different hostels of OUAT are required to pay an advance amount of Rs. 12,000/-(Rupees twelve thousand)only with Hostel Superintendent as mess advance which will be calculated at the end of each Semester by the concerned Hostel Superintendent and will be communicated to the respective Deans/Directors/Associate Deans and will be adjusted at the time of registration into the next semester in the respective Colleges.

(ii) The Hostel fees are to be deposited in respective colleges and the mess advance in respective hostel.


Athletics Branch 200.00
Literary Branch 200.00
Dramatic Club 200.00
Students’ Aid Fund 100.00
College Commemoration 200.00
Students Union Fees 200.00
Placement Cell 500.00
Red Cross 50.00
N.C.C. 5.00
N.S.S. 10.00
Y.R.C. 10.00


Candidates seeking admission on cost sharing Basis or under NRI/Foreign Quota shall pay the following Course Fee in addition to the normal fees.

A B. Sc.(Hons.)Agriculture/
B. Sc.(Hons.)
B. Sc.(Hons.)Forestry/
B.Tech. (Ag. Engg.)
per student per year
per student per year
B B. V. Sc. & A.H. Rs.85,000/-
per student per year
per student per year.


Below mentioned fees are subject to change as may be decided by the Academic Council and the current fees are applicable to all the students irrespective of their year of admission. These fees need to be paid when notified.

Duplicate Transcript / Provisional 500.00
Duplicate Identity Card 100.00
Duplicate Migration Certificate 500.00
Condonation Fee for shortage of attendance in a semester per subject 500.00
Semester Report/Grade Sheet 50.00
Transfer Certificate 100.00
Duplicate Transfer Certificate 200.00
Conduct Certificate 100.00
Duplicate Conduct Certificate 200.00
Equivalent Mark Sheet 50.00
Degree Certificate 500.00
Duplicate Degree Certificate 1,000.00
Degree Certificate preservation charges (Per year) 200.00
Degree Certificate preservation charges (Maximum) 1000.00
U.G. Regulation 100.00
U.G. Courses of Studies. 100.00
Charges for sending Documents /Certificate by Regd. Post 100.00
Make up Examination Fees(per subject) 500.00
Late Registration fees up to seven working days 500.00


A candidate once admitted to a course desires to discontinue or on the event of cancellation of Admission, shall not be refunded any fees except caution money only. In case a student is promoted to next Semester on Scholastic Probation but becomes unsuccessful in Special Examination, the entire fees deposited for admission into the higher Semester shall be refunded on his I her application.

OUAT Entrance Test 2017

OUAT Entrance Test Pattern

The Entrance Examination will be of multiple choice question (MCQ) for 200 marks of two hours duration and the medium of Examination will be English. The Entrance Examination will be held on 04.06.2017(10.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.). Candidates are to answer Physics, Chemistry and either Mathematics or Biology. There is no negative marks for wrong answer. The subjects of examination and marks distribution are indicated below.

Subjects Marks
Physics 66
Chemistry 66
Mathematics/Biology 68
Total 200

Weightage to Academic Career and Entrance Examination:

Weighted score of candidates will be calculated on the basis of his/her academic
career and Entrance Examination as given below:

a) H.S.C. / equivalent 25%
b) +2 Sc. /equivalent 25%
c) Entrance Examination 50%
Total 100%
Note: 1/4th of the total mark secured in the Entrance Examination



OUAT selection procedure

OUAT Selection Process

There will be a COMMON ENTRANCE EXAMINATION for selection of the candidates for admission into B.Sc.(Hons.)Agriculture, B.Sc.(Hons.) Horticulture,B.Sc.(Hons.) Forestry, B.F.Sc., B.V.Sc. & A.H., B. Tech.(Agril. Engg.) and B.Sc.(Hons.) Community Science courses. The candidates for admission will be selected solely on the basis of Merit (Weighted Score) which is based on his/her academic career and performance in the Entrance Examination. If two or more candidates secure the same computed score, the tie shall be resolved and their merit positions will be decided on the basis of higher marks in the Entrance Examination or +2 Science or HSC/equivalent in that order.

Selection process for B.Sc. Forestry

The candidates seeking admission into B.Sc.(Hons.)Forestry Course should qualify Physical Endurance Test to be conducted one day before their respective day of the counseling of each category, failing which their candidature for the admission into B.Sc.(Hons.)Forestry course will not be considered. To appear at Physical Endurance Test, the candidate must come with a certificate of Physical Fitness (Annexure-VII) as issued by the medical officer not below the rank of CDMO within the prior period of 30 days with respect to physical capacity to undergo an endurance test of brisk walking of 25 km for male and 14 km for female within four hours and the candidates should posses the minimum physical standard as follows.

OUAT Eligibility requirement (B.Sc. Forestry)

1) Height
                i) Male (General & SC)=163 cm., ST = 152 cm
               ii) Female (General & SC) =150 cm., ST = 145 cm
2) Chest girth
               i) Male = 79cm to 84cm (Minimum 5 cm. expansion)
               ii) Female = 74cm to 79 cm (Minimum 5 cm. expansion)
3) Physical capacity for Fast walking in four hours :-
              i) Male = 25km
              ii) Female = 14km

OUAT important dates 2017

OUAT Important dates and Events

The Entrance Examination for Agro-Polytechnic students will be held on 11.06.2017(Sunday) at 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in Examination Hall of College of Agriculture, OUAT, and Bhubaneswar.

Students can download the Admit Card from OUAT website (www.ouat.nic.in). From the official website you can get a link “Download Admit Card for U.G. Entrance Examination-2017 by Agro-Polytechnic students of OUAT”. There after student need to enter his/her Application Number, Mobile Number and Date of Birth. The 2nd way is the candidate can log in with log in credential and then download Admit card. If you have log in credentials, then you can download from the website https://www.lokaseba-odisha.in in between to 01.06.2017 to 11.06.2017 (9.00 a.m.) . The candidate must bring the Admit card with original identity proof to the Examination Centre for verification.

Important Events and Dates

1. Submission of Application Form-A online    -01.04.2017 to 10.05.2017(4.00 p.m.)
2. Downloading of Admit card                             -01.06.2017 to 11.06.2017(9..00 a.m.)
3. Date of Entrance Examination                        -11.06.2017 (Sunday)10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
4. Submission of Application Form-B online   -13.06.2017 to 22.06.2017


For pass out students of Diploma in Agro-Polytechnic Course of OUAT, 10% of the intake capacity of respective streams of Diploma in Agro-Polytechnic Course are kept reserved in different UG Courses, over and above the intake capacity of these discipline on cost sharing basis.
Seat breakup for different courses i.e. Agriculture/Horticulture/Fishery and Veterinary science & A.H. are 12 Nos. of seats in B.Sc.(Hons.)Agricultureout of which 6 Nos.of seats each in the College of Agriculture, Chiplima and Bhawanipatna,4 Nos. of seats for B.Sc.(Hons.)Horticulture at College of Horticulture Chiplima, 2 Nos. of seats for B.F.Sc.at College of Fisheries, Rangeilunda and 2 Nos. of seats for B.V.Sc.& A.H. at College of Veterinary Sc. & A.H., Bhubaneswar.
The selection of candidates for Admission into UG Courses as above, will be as per the merit list, which is to be prepared by computing their weigtage taking into consideration the marks secured in all three examinations i.e. 10th, +2 Science and Diploma in Agro-polytechnic and marks secured in the Entrance Examination as per the ratio given below
a) H.S.C.-10%
b) +2 Science-10%
c) Diploma in Agro-Polytechnic under OUAT-30%
d) Entrance Examination-50%
Total -100%

A separate Entrance Test of multiple choice questions in English Medium will be conducted carrying 200 marks of two hours duration from their respective Agro-Polytechnic syllabus.

OUAT Admit card for 2017 ug entrance exam

OUAT admit card 2017


The Admit Card has to be downloaded from OUAT website (www.ouat.nic.in) by clicking on a link “Download Admit Card for U.G. Entrance Examination-2017 by Agro-Polytechnic students of OUAT” and entering his/her Application Number, Mobile Number and Date of Birth. The candidate can also download the Admit Card by logging in using his/her login ID and Password in the website https://www.lokaseba-odisha.in in between to 01.06.2017 to 11.06.2017 (9..00 a.m.) . The candidate must bring the Admit card with original identity proof to the Examination Centre for verification.

How to apply for OUAT 2017

OUAT 2017: How to Apply?

Application procedure:

The interested pass out and continuing 2nd year students of Diploma in Agro-Polytechnic courses of OUAT can apply online for admission in Under Graduate courses under OUAT through www.ouat.nic.in or https://www.lokaseba-odisha.in by clicking a link “Submission of Application Form-A for Common Entrance Examination-2017 by Agro-Polytechnic students of OUAT” from 01.04.2017 to 10.05.2017. At the time of submission of online application, the candidate has to fill in the particulars such as correct Aadhaar number (Aadhaar number is mandatory for submission of Application Form-A), e-mail ID, Mobile phone number., etc. and upload his/her recent passport size colour photograph (Height: 200px, width: 150px, file size: 20-50kb), full signature (Height: 100px, width: 150px, file size: 10-20kb) in jpg/jpeg format. The candidate is advised to link his/her “Aadhaar Number” with mobile number. Candidates are advised to give correct mobile number and the mobile number will be validated by an OTP to the entered mobile number as all information regarding admission process will be sent as SMS to the registered mobile number. The candidate can fetch applicant details from UID server by clicking on “Fetch data from UID” button or the candidate can enter the details manually. After submission of online application, the candidate will receive a login ID, Password and application number by email and SMS to the registered mobile number.

Payment of fees:

The candidate has to pay Rs. 1050.00 (Rupees one thousand fifty only) for application fees to the University besides bank charges as specified by the Bank depending upon the mode of payment selected through online payment gateway using internet Banking/Debit Card/Credit Card of any Bank. Online submission and Payment in cash can also be made through Common Service Centre (Jana Seva Kendra). Once candidate successfully pays the fee, he/she will receive a message confirming the acceptance of application in mobile phone and also in e-mail. Fees, once paid, cannot be refunded to under any circumstances. After successful payment, the candidate can take printout of computer generated filled Application Form-A with payment details, which the candidate should retain for future reference. Submission of application will be completed after successful payment.