Shri Ram Naresh Kushwaha Member of Parliament (MP) from Salempur (Uttar Pradesh) Biodata

Name of Member: Shri Ram Naresh Kushwaha

Political Party: Janata Party

Constituency & State: Salempur (Uttar Pradesh)

Lok Sabha Experience: 6

6th Lok Sabha
Members Bioprofile

KUSHWAHA, SHRI RAM NARESH, Sahityaratna, Janata, (Uttar Pradesh—Salempur—1977):  s. of Shri Beni Madhav; b. at Laar Village and P.O., Deoria District, April 30, 1929; ed. at Junior High School, Mathlaar, Swami Devanand Inter College, Mathlaar, Deoria District and there-after privately, Sahitya Ratna, I.G.D. Diploma Drawing Board, Bombay; m. Smt. Sam Raji Devi, April, 1939; 1 s. and 3 d.; Agriculturist and teacher; previously associated with Congress and Revolutionary Socialist Party, Socialist Party, Praja Socialist Party, Samyukta Socialist Party, and Bhartiya Lok Dal; helped in the Mukti Andolan started by Dr. K. I. Singh in 1950 in Nepal; President, U.P. Hind Kisan Panchayat, 1964—74; General Secretary, (i) Uttar Pradesh Samyukta Socialist Party, 1967—69 and (ii) U. P. Socialist Party, 1971-72; Convener, Ganna Sangharsh Samiti of Bharatiya Lok Dal, Uttar Pradesh, 1974—76; Member, Cooperative Agriculture Advisory Committee of Uttar Pradesh Government, 1966-67; presently Member, Committee on Absence of Members.

Social activities:  Participated in the Kisan Movement, struggled against social inequality and worked for the abolition of the dowry system.

Favourite pastime and recreation:  Writing poetry, reading and writing articles, essays arid literature.

Special interests:  Attending literary, economic and political meetings and seminars.

Publications:  (i) Ganne Ka Mulya, (H) Kisan Sangathan-Kyan Aur Kaise, (iii) Samvid Patan-ka-Doshi Kaum, (iv) Choudhary Charan Singh Ke Prashna aur  Unke Uttar, (v) Dr. Lohia Doosaron Ki Nazron Mein, (vi) Desh Drohi (Play), (vii) Khand-Khand Pakhand, (viii) Devasur Sangram (Prose), (ix) Bantwara (Poetry), (x) Bheeshma and (xi) Ek Lavya (Unpublished).

Travels abroad:  Nepal.

Permanent address:  Laar Village and  P.O., Deoria District,  Uttar  Pradesh.


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