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About Mirzapur District :

Mirzapur is located at 25.15°N 82.58°E. It has an average elevation of 80 metres (265 feet). The District of Mirzapur lies between the parallels of 23.52 & 25.32 North latitude and 82.7 and 83.33 East longitude. It forms a portion of the Varanasi district. On the north and north-east it is bounded by the Varanasi district; on the south bounded by Sonbhadra district; on the north-west by Allahabad district. The shape to the north and west is totally regular. In no direction, except for about 13 km. in the north-east where the Ganges separates the Tehsil of Chunar from the district of Varanasi, has Mirzapur a natural frontier. The Chanvar fields, considered to be one of the most fertile lands tracts in India, are located on Gangetic flood plains of the district. Also, Indian Standard Time is calculated on the basis of 82.5° E longitude, from a clock tower in Mirzapur
According to Central Statistical organisation the district of Mirzapur had an area of 4521 km2. In 2011, Mirzapur had population of 2,496,970 of which male and female were 1,312,302 and 1,184,668 respectively. In 2001 census, Mirzapur had a population of 2,116,042 of which males were 1,115,249 and remaining 1,000,793 were females.
As of the 2011 census, Mirzapur-cum-Vindhyachal municipality had a population of 233,691 and the urban agglomeration had a population of 245,817. The municipality had a sex ratio of 869 females per 1,000 males and 11.9% of the population were under six years old. Effective literacy was 78.25%; male literacy was 83.85% and female literacy was 71.80%

At a glance :

SNo Item Unit Duration Description
1 Geographical Area Sq. Km 2001 4521
2 Population
2.1 Male Number in ‘000 2011 1312.47
2.2 Female   Number in ‘000 2011 1184.50
2.3 Total   Number in ‘000 2011 2496.97
2.4 Rural   Number in ‘000 2011 2149.40
2.5 Urban   Number in ‘000 2011 347.57
2.6 SC Number in ‘000 2011 661.03
2.7 ST Number in ‘000 2011 20.23
3 No of Literate Person
3.1 Total Number in ‘000 2011 1426.30
3.2 Male Number in ‘000 2011 865.52
3.3 Female Number in ‘000 2011 562.78
4 No of BPL Families
4.1 Total Number in ‘000 2002 275.83
4.2 Rural Number in ‘000 2002 187.23
4.3 Urban Number in ‘000 2002 88.60
5 No Of Electoral Areas
5.1 Lok Sabha Number 2015-16 1
5.2 Vidhan Sabha Number 2015-16 5
5.3 Tehsils Number 2015-16 4
5.4 Blocks Number 2015-16 12
5.5 Nyay Panchayat Number 2015-16 105
5.6 Gram Panchayat Number 201516 809

Tourist Places :


This  is  a  large  agricultural  town  lying in latitude 25.10 North and longitude 82.31 East,(a part of Mirzapur- cum – Vindhyachal   municipal  board) 11  Km.  West   of    Mirzapur   with   is   connected   by  a metalled road.The  ancient  town of Vindhyachal , famous  in  the Puranas , is said  to have been included  within the  circuit  of  the  ancient city of pampapura .Pampapura is supposed  to have  been an old  Bhar city covering  several  Km.of  area.Tradition says  that  this city once possessed  150  temples, all  of   which  were destroyed by Aurangzeb.The place is celebrated as  containing the shrine of  the  goddess Vindhyeshwari  Devi , which   is visited  by  thousands  of  pilgrims  annually  from  all  parts  of  India ,especially  central  and southern India.The temple ,which is  built  of stone  is of rectangular form,sorrounded by a  verandah,the whole encompassed  by a flight  of   five  steps.

The  roof  is  flat  and  the pillars that support it interior chamber of it  of plain and  coarse workmanship.The image of the goddess is in an interior chamber of small size,the walls being constructed of large coarse  stones. The  head of   the  figure  is of  black stone  with  large  eyes, the whites of which  are formed of plates of  burnished silver, and  the  feet   rest  on  black  rat .The  building  must  be one of   great antiquity .On  the river front  is the devighat, a  fort  like structure adorned  with  six bastions, which  just out  into the river and has a flight of  about 80 steps . From  this  a  long  narrow   paved street leads  to the temple  which  is  about  8Km.distant. The place contains post office , a police station , a pound, a dispansary and a school.


This  historic place lies in latitude  25.7 North &  Longitude  80.55 East , 32 Km.east of Mirzapur  And  is  connected  by  rail  and  road. It  is  also connected by rail with Varanasi via. Mugalsarai in the east.Tradition  asserts  that  Bawan Bhagwan disguishing himself  as a  Brahamana begged three steps of land from king Bali. His first foot-step rested upon the hill of Chunar impressing it with his foot-mark.Consequently, the  hill came to be known as Chunar Adri  or  footstep   hill. With    the  passage  of  time , the  name  became Chunar. In   the  course  of   time  the  religious  significance of  this  place increased considerably. It is aid that Bhati Nath,brother of  the  half    Mythical  Vikramaditya of  Ujjain, having embraced  the habit and profession of a hermit ,selected the rock of Chunar as his place of retirement.


There is reference of Tarkeshwar Mahadev in Puran’s which is situated in the  east  of  Vindhayachal. At  present  this  Is in  Tarkapur  ward  of Mirzapur.Before   the  temple  there  was  a  big  Kund  which  had been dug by a jiant (Asur) named  Tarak . Tarak  was  killed  by  Lord  Shiva  so  called Tarkeshwar Mahadev.Near  Kund   there  were  several  shivling . According   to  tradition  God   Vishanu dug a pond in the west of Tarkeshwar and established a temple of lord Shiva.Now it is disappear and stimulated in Ganga river. goddess Laxmi sacrificed herself here at Tarkeshwar. As per tradition Goddess Laxmi lives here in  the form of another Goddess called Vaishnavi with Goddess Saraswati.


The  river  which  flow  between  Mirzapur  and  Vindhayachal  is  Called Punyajala  (Ojhala) . It   is  said  about  the  ojhala  that  it is  greatest in all Tirth , as  Ashwamegh in all Yagya, Himalya in all mountain  and truth in  all  Brata  .The  Water  of   this  river  is  as  holy  as  Ganga  river. This is surrounded  by  Goddess  Kali  Temple, Maha  Laxmi , Maha  Sarsawati and Tarkeshwar Mahadev.


Nagkund is stand in the west of Punyajala river  there  are fifty twosteps  around  the  kund. It  was  famous  that  there  was  so  many container(Patra) in  kund and when devotee prayed for his daily  necessities with kund the  container  floated  on  the  water level in  kund  itself . Devotee  got  and satisfied  with  it further  they  kept  the  container in  Kund  and patra dipped in  kund  again . It  was  the most  importance  of  this  kund  for which it was famous. Traditionally  it is  called pilgrims  got Akshaya  punya  after  taking bath in the kund at Panchami of Shukla Paksha of sawan.


Devotee  and  pilgrims  gets  his desirable  Sidhi after  Parikrama of  Maha Trikon  as  it  is  said. After  visiting  at  temple  of  Vindhayavashni  Devi  they goes to Sankat Mochan (Mahabir) temple as well as Kalikhoh which is in south of Vindhayachal  railway  Station. Devotee visit at Goddess kali and worshiped they  make  them  pious  with   the  water  of Kali  Kund. They  completed  their Parikrama  after  visiting  at  saint  Karnagiri  Bawali. There  are  severl temples Situated of  Bhairwas  around  the  Kalikhoh, situation  are  such as – in the east  Anand  Bhairav, in west  Sidhnath Bhairav , in south Kapal Bhairav and Bhairav is situated in north.The view of the visitors to get luxary like haven after visiting at  Vindhayvasani  temple   and  completed   their   Parikrama. Traditionaly  it  is famous  as Maha Trikon.


The  Dewaki  and  Basudev  were  prisoner’s of Kans in Mathura. Dewaki  Was the sister of Kans. Kans was afraid of with the eighth son of Dewaki.Inspite of son  a  baby  (girl) was  born  in  place  of  son. Kans  would  have  to kill him. Unfortunately  baby  slipped  from  the  hand of Kans and flew in the sky and ulti mated to  Kans  about  loss  o f his  kingdom. In  future this baby became famous as  Goddess  Asthbhuja  Devi. She  situated  at the top of the Vindhaya Mountain in Vindhayachal.


According to the tradition of Hindu Methology Bhagwan Sri Ram Chandra had   done  the  shardh  of   his  father  king  Dasrath   asper  direction  of  Rishi Basistha in Vindhaya area.First of all Bhagwan Sri Ramchandra worshiped lord Shiva  and  paid  his  dedication  to  Goddess Vindhayavasini Devi. After that he established  a  idol   of  lord  Shiva  in  the west, which is famous with the name of Rameshwar so it is called Shivpur.


Sita ji  dug  a   kund  in  the  west of  Astbhuja b Devi  temple  called  Sita kund. Near the kund  sita  ji  established  lord shiva which became famous with the  name siteshwar, in the west of Sita Kund Bhagwan Sri Ram Chandra dug a kund which  named is Ram Kund.In Shivpur Laxaman Ji Established a Shivling near Rameshwar which is famous as Laxmaneshwar.


The  mausoleum  of   khavaja   Esmile  Chisti  is Situated  in  the ward of Kantit sharif . Annually  ursh  fair celebrated  by Hindu and Muslim both. Near the   mausoleum  there  is  shrine of  Mugal  Kal , which  is very long so called people  were  tall  in the mugal kal. The  shrine  is  known as  Longia Pahalwan shrine.


Around   Mirzapur  city  there  is  so  many  natural  and  religious sites.The Tanda water  fall is  about  seven miles away from the city . Away from the Tanda  water fall there is Khajuri  Dam and Vindham fall. Vindham fall is main tained  by forest department and  developed  as tourism place. The park and Ban Vihar   constructed   at  fall,  a   care  have   been  taken   for  the   protection  of Forest  animals . Now   a  days   Vindham   fall  is  a  attractive place for tourist. Inspite  of  the  place  in  trikon   parikrama   thereare  so  many  places  which is Important  for  both  pilgrimage   and   tourism .The  natural  sites of nature may seen  from  the  top  of  Astabhuja  Devi. In  spring  season  the sight of nature is really  very  attractive  which  may  be  remember  up to a long period which may not be forget . The  Sita  Kund , Bhairav  kund ,Motia  Talab ,Geruaa Talab  Kali khoh , amwshwar, Ramshila  are religious  places  and  have  a  great importance for health.

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