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About Raichur District :

Raichur is very rich from the epigraphical point of view also. It has already yielded hundreds of inscriptions, ranging right from the Mauryan period upto the end of the Muslim period, in a variety of languages like Sanskrit, Prakrit, Kannada, Arabic and Persian and belonging to almost all the dynasties that ruled over the Dekkan. The most important places from this point of view are Maski, Koppal, Kuknur, Mudgal and Raichur.

The District of Raichur was a part of the Hyderabad State till the re-organisation of State on 1st November 1956. The recorded history of the district is traced to as far back as the third century B.C. The fact that three minor rock edicts of Ashoka are found in this district one at Maski in the Lingasugur taluk and the other two near Koppal, prove that this area was included in the dominions of the great Mauryan king Ashoka (273 – 236 B.C.). At that time, this region was under the governance of the Viceroy or Mahamatra of Ashoka. Early in the Christian era, the district appears to have been a part of the kingdom of the Satavahanas. The Vakatakas, who reigned during the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D., seem to have held sway over Raichur for sometime, after which it appears to have been included in the Kadamba dominions. The next dynasty of importance, which ruled over this region, was that of the Chalukyas of Badami. According to an inscription from Aihole, Pulikeshi-II having defeated the Pallavas, occupied this area and made it a province in his empire under the governance of his son Adityavarma. Later the whole of the present Raichur district was included in the dominions of the Rashtrakutas, who rose to power in the eighth century, as could be gathered from the inscriptions of that period found in this district. According to an inscription from Manvi taluk, one Jagattunga, a subordinate ruler under the Rashtrakuta king Krishna-II, was ruling the province of Adedore Eradusavirapranta, i.e., the area constituting the present Raichur district. Nripatunga, a Rashtrakuta king, has described Koppal in his Kannada work, Kavirajamarga, as the great Kopananagara.

Numerous inscriptions of the Chalukyas of Kalyana, found in the various parts of the district, testify to the fact that this region was under their sway for a considerable length of time between the 10th and 12th centuries A.D. It is learnt from an inscription found at Naoli in Lingsugur taluk that during the reign of Chalukya Vikramaditya-V, the Adedore-pranta, i.e., the Raichur region, was being ruled by his younger brother Jagadekamalla-I. Another inscription from Maski describes the place as a capital and makes a reference to the reign of Jayasimha. There were, however, frequent wars between the Chola kings of the south and the Chalukyan kings of Kalyana for supremacy over the Raichur region and the territory had passed into the hands of the cholas for a brief period. The Haihayas and Sindas also seem to have ruled some parts of this region for sometime. Later, after the fall of the Chalukyas, Raichur passed into the hands of the Kalachuri kings. Then came the Kakatiyas in the 13th century. From an inscription on the fort-wall of Raichur, referred to earlier, it is learn that the original fort was built by one Gore Gangayya Reddy, a general of the Kakatiya queen Rudramma Devi of Warangal, in 1294 A.D., at the instance of the latter.

The district of Raichur has a hoary past. It has had an eventful & rich beginning from the days of the Mauryan King Ashoka. A number of inscriptions, rocks edicts & other records, temples, forts & battlefields bear testimony to this fact. Lying between two important Kingdoms. In the recent past, it was a part, it was a part of the princely State of Hyderabad, and since the 1st November 1956, it is a constituent district of the Mysore State.

District at a Glance

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Tourist Places :

Naradagadde – Annual Fair :

One of the most important pilgrim centers for the Hindus in the district is Narada-Gadde, which is about 15 miles from Raichur. It is surrounded by the Krishna river and the place is held sacred. The annual fair held in the month of Phalguna, i.e., about March, attracts thousands of pilgrims.

Kurugadde Sripada Srivallabha :
Kurugadde near Devarsugur is well known festival center for the Smartas. The place is an island in the Krishna river course where a temple is built. The presiding deity is Sripada Srivallabha. Pilgrims visit the place all the year round.

Jitamitragadde Holy Bath :
Jitamitragadde, another island in the river course of the Krishna, is a sacred place for the Hindus who visit the place all the year round for a holy bath.

Manvi Karemma, Yellamma, Mahamalleshappa, Sanjeevaraya :
Manvi is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus where several fairs and festivals are held, the chief of which are Karemma Jatra held about January for two days, the Yellamma Jatra held about February for seven days, the Mahamalleshappa Jatra held usually about January and the Sanjeevaraya Jatra held about December. Manvi is also the birth-place of Jagannatha Dasa who spread the bhakti cult.

Devarbhupur Amareshwara :
The Amareshwara Jatra in Lingsugur taluk, which is held for three days about the month of March, attracts a large numbers of persons. This fair is held at Devarbhupur and is highly popular with the Veerashaivas of the district.

Kadlur Kadlurayya Fair :
The Kadlurayya fair at Kadlur held in the month of Margashira about December attracts a good number of people.

Balaganur Hanumanji :
Hanumanji Jatra at Balaganur, Sindhanur taluk, held in Vaishakha about May, lasts for three days. A cattle show is also held as an adjunct to the religious fair.

Raichur District Syed Shams Alam Hussainali :
The Syed Shams Alam Hussainali Urus held about August is a great Muslim festival. Muslims from all over the district and also from outside, congregate at Raichur on this occasion to offer prayers.


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