State Mizoram at a Glance

Important Facts about Mizoram


State Map  
Capital Aizawl
Date of Formation 20 February 1987
Chief Minister Present Chief Minister – Zoramthanga

List of Chief Ministers of Mizoram

First Chief Minister – Ch. Chhunga

Governor Present Governor – Prof. Jagdish Mukhi

List of Governors of Mizoram

First Governor – Hiteshwar Saikia

Seat of High Court Gauhati High Court (Aizawl Bench)

List of Chief Justice of Mizoram High Court

Members of Rajya Sabha Total number of Seats – 1

1. Shri Ronald Sapa Tlau (INC)

Members of Parliment (MP Seats) Total number of Seats – 01

MP Constituencies

Updates as per 2019 Election

1. Mizoram Present MP Lalrosanga, Shri C.

MLA Seats Total number of Seats – 40

MLA Constituencies

Updates as per 2019 Election

1. Hachhek Present MLA Lalrindika Ralte
2. Dampa Present MLA Lalrintluanga Sailo
3. Mamit Present MLA H. Lalzirliana
4. Tuirial Present MLA Andrew H. Thangliana
5. Kolasib Present MLA K. Lalrinliana
6. Serlui Present MLA Lalrinsanga Ralte
7. Tuivawl Present MLA Lalchhandama Ralte
8. Chalfilh Present MLA Lalrinliana Sailo
9. Tawi Present MLA R. Lalzirliana
10. Aizawl North – I Present MLA Vanlalhlana
11. Aizawl North – II Present MLA Vanlalthlana
12. Aizawl North-III Present MLA C. Lalmuanpuia
13. Aizawl East – I Present MLA Zoramthanga
14. Aizawl East II Present MLA Robert Romawia Royte
15. Aizawl West I Present MLA Lalduhoma
16. Aizawl West II Present MLA Lalruatkima
17. Aizawl West III Present MLA V.L. Zaithanzama
18. Aizawl South I Present MLA C. Lalsawivunga
19. Aizawl South II Present MLA Lalchhuanthanga
20. Aizawl South-III Present MLA F. Lalnunmawia
21. Lengteng Present MLA L. Thangmawia
22. Tuichang Present MLA Tawnluia
23. Champhai North Present MLA Dr. ZR Thiamsanga
24. Champhai South Present MLA TJ Lalnuntluanga
25. East Tuipui Present MLA Ramthanmawia
26. Serchhip Present MLA Lalduhoma
27. Tuikum Present MLA Er. Lalrinawma
28. Hrangturzo Present MLA Lalchamliana
29. South Tuipui Present MLA Dr. R. Lalthangliana
30. Lunglei North Present MLA Vanlaltanpuia
31. Lunglei East Present MLA Lawmawma Tochhawng
32. Lunglei West Present MLA C. Lalrinsanga
33. Lunglei South Present MLA K. Pachhunga
34. Thorang Present MLA Zodintluanga Ralte
35. West Tuipui Present MLA Nihar Kanti Chakma
36. Tuichawng Present MLA Buddha Dhan Chakma
37. Lawngtlai West Present MLA C. Ngunlianchunga
38. Lawngtlai East Present MLA H. Biakzaua
39. Saiha Present MLA Dr. K. Beichhua
40. Palak Present MLA Dr. K. Beichhua

Number of District 08

Name of the Districts


Area 21,087 km2
Rank of state by Area 25th
Population(2011) 1,091,014(28th)
Literacy rate 91.58%(3rd)
Types Of Religion Christianity (87.16%), Buddhism (8.51%), Hinduism (2.75%), Islam (1.35%), Jainism (0.03%), Sikhism (0.03%), Other or not religious (0.16%)
Neighbouring States Tripura, Assam, Manipur
Neighbouring Countries Myanmar & Bangladesh
Main Language Mizo
Other Languages Mizo (73.2%), Chakma (9.01%), Mara (3.82%), Lai (2.7%), Tripuri (1.9%), Hmar (1.5%), Paite (1.5%), Other (6.37%)
Biggest River Tlawng
Number of River 13 (Tlawng, Tlau, Chhimtuipui (Koladyne), Khawthlangtuipui (R.Karnaphuli), Tuichang, Tuirial, Tuichawng, Mat, Tuipui, Tuivawl, Teirei, Tuirini, Serlui)
Number of Lake 02 (Palak Dïl, Tam Dil)
Number of Dams 04 (Bairabi Dam, Serlui B Dam, Tlawng Dam, Tuirial Dam)
Coastline – –
Number of Beaches – –
Number of Mountains 03 (Phawngpui Tlang, Hmuifang, Reiek)
Agricultural land 21 lac hectares
Forest Land 1,594,000 hectares
Latitude 23.1645° N
Longitude 92.9376° E
City & Town Aizawl, Lunglei, Champhai, Kolosib, Saiha, Serchhip, Lawngtlai
Transport & Communication in Mizoram Road, Railway & Air
Airports in Mizoram 01 (Lengpui Airport)
International Airports in Mizoram – –
Major Ports in Mizoram  – –
Length of National Highways 1381.00 Km
National Highway Number 44A, 54, 54A, 54B, 150 & 154
Railway Length 1.50 Km
Waterfalls in Mizoram Tuirihiau Falls, Vantawng Falls
Wildlife Sanctuaries in Mizoram Dampa Tiger Reserve, Khawnglung WLS, Lengteng WLS, Ngengpui WLS, Pualreng WLS, Tawi WLS, Thorangtlang WLS, Tokalo WLS
Major Temples in Mizoram Shiv Mandir
Bawngkawn Shiv Mandir
Shiv Temple Luangmual
Major Tourist Places in Mizoram Phawngpui Hills, Phulpui Grave, Memorial of Chhingpui, Vantawang Falls, Thenzawl, Palak Lake, Palak Dil Lake, Tam Dil Lake, Vantawng Water Falls, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Murlen National Park
Legislative Assembly Name Assembly house Mizoram
State Dance  – –
State Anthem  – –
Cuisine The cuisine of Mizoram differs from that of most of India, though it shares characteristics to other regions of Northeast India and North India. Rice is the staple food of Mizoram, while Mizos love to add non-vegetarian ingredients in every dish. Fish, chicken, pork and beef are popular meats among Mizos. Dishes are served on fresh banana leaves. Most of the dishes are cooked in mustard oil. Meals tend to be less spicy than in most of India. Mizos love eating boiled vegetables along with rice. A popular dish is bai, made from boiling vegetables (spinach, eggplant, beans, and other leafy vegetables) with bekang fermented soya beans or Sa-um, a fermented pork and served with rice. Sawhchiar is another common dish, made of rice and cooked with pork or chicken.
State Animal Serow (Saza)
State Bird Hume’s Bartailed Pheaasant (Vavu)
State Flower Renanthera imschootiana
State Fruit  – –
State tree Mesua ferrea
Sport  – –
Number of National Park Murlen National Park, Phawngpui National Park
Movie Industry Name  –  –
Festivals Anthurium Festival, Mim Kut, Pawl Kut, Chapchar Kut, Thalfavang Kut, Khuado Kut, New Year, Christmas

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