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About Sultanpur District :

Sultanpur district is a district in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. The district is a part of Faizabad Division. Its administrative headquarters is Sultanpur. There are many historical place in Sultanpur like Vijethua (Mahaviran), Dhopap, Sitakund Ghaat & more. Agricultural is the prime resource for livelihood of people.

Around the 14-15th century, Rajkunwar branch of Chauhan Dynasty claiming to be direct descendent of Hammir Dev Chauhan of Ranthambore along with other clans like Bandalgotis, Rajwars and Bachgotis ruled over a large part of the district. In the 19th century, one notable incident was the revolt of the native troops stationed at Sultanpur during the Sepoy Mutiny after the British annexation of Oudh. The troops rose in rebellion on 9 June 1857, and, after murdering two of their officers, sacked the station. Native people and tribes like that of Bhale Sultans also fought in the rebellion. Leaders like Lal Pratap Singh of Kalakankar and Maharaj Bariar Singh Rajkunwar along with others fought and died for the cause. Upon the restoration of order, Sultanpur cantonment was strengthened by a detachment of British troops; but in 1861 it was entirely abandoned as a military station

District at a Glance :

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Tourist Places :

1. Devlok : It is situated at 26 degree 11 minutes north lattitude and 81 degree 53 minutes south longitude on the way to Amethi at 21 kms from Sultanpur near Tikri bus stop from where it is 3 kms in Gauravpuri Kshetra where the Holi Samadhi of Ghasibaba is situated and is belived to the way to Heaven by local people.

2. Koond : Around 300 years back it was a place of penance of Sawami Lokdas who had two more brothers Sahajram & Durgadas. There is a place in the west known as ‘Satyasagar’ and is a famous spot.

3. Sitakund: This is in the north of Sultanpur city on the bank of Gomti river and belived to be a place where The Sita the wife of Lord Rama had taken a bath on his way to exilement.

4. Vijethua : Here is situated a grand temple of Shri Hanumanji who, according to the local belief killed the demon Kalnemi sent by Ravana to obstruct him from bringing the Sanjeevni Booti for Laxmana. The story of Makri, who got Nirvan by Shri Hanuman ji, is also linked to the same event and the Sarover, where she lived is still existing here. A fair is orgnised on each tuesday.

5. Satthin Sharif : Here ten days fair of urs is organised every year. Shah Abdul Latif and his contemporary baba Madari Shah were reknowned fakirs of their time. The samadhi of Shah Abdul Latif is situated here on the bank of Gomti.

6. Dhopap : Lord Rama had taken a dip here on the advice of Maharshi Vashishth. Devotees having faith vist the place on Dussehara to wash their sins in the river Gomti. There is a grand temple built here.

7.Pali : A very artistic, ancient Murti of Sun God is situated here.

8. Kotwa : There is a grand temple at Kotwa near Kisni of Lord Vishnu where a beautifully carved statue of the Vishnu made of white marble is situated.

9. Koeripur : Here various temples of Shri Hanumanji, Lord Rama & Sita and Bagwan Shanker, and pokharas are built by local business people making the town area a beautiful attractive place. A great fair is organised on the Purnima of Kuaar month of Hindu calender when over ten thousand people gather here.

10.Lohramau: This place is about 8 km from the Sultanpur city and is one of the most important places for local populace. Here is situated a large temple of Goddess Durga.

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