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AE 03



(Also equivalent to PB 4200)



Date & Time : 31-10-2006/9.00-12.00         Dept. No.                                                       Max. : 100 Marks




                                                            PART A


                        Answer all the questions                               (20 Marks)

  1. Choose the best answer (5 x 1 = 5)

1.Which one of the following is true for viruses?

(a) made up of proteins only.

(b) multiply only in host cells.

(c) occur only inside the bacteria.

(d) complex, cellular and microscopic entities.


  1. E.coli has _________________ DNA.

(a) circular double stranded                        (b) linear double stranded

(c) circular single stranded                         (d) linear single stranded.


  1. Little leaf of brinjal is a _________ disease.

(a) spiroplasmal                   (b) viral

(c) mycoplasmal                  (d) fungal.


  1. Microbes produce __________________ enzymes.

(a) extra-cellular                 (b) intra-cellular

(c) allosteric                        (d) both extra and intra cellular.

  1. The cell wall of fungi is made up of

(a) chitin     (b) pectin         (c) polysaccharide       (d) protein.


  1. State true or false (5 x 1 = 5)
  2. Influenza virus is an example of enveloped helical virus.
  3. The reserve food material in fungi is glycogen.
  4. Transformation was discovered by Lederberg.
  5. The causal organism of citrus canker is Xanthomonas citri.

10.Gamma radiations can be used for food preservation.


III. Complete the following:                                                            (5 x 1 = 5)

11.The spores with flagella are called _______________________

12.Culture preservation by freeze- drying is called ____________________

13._________________ fragments are synthesized during discontinuous replication.

14.The primary host for Puccinia graminis is ___________________

15.The antibiotic discovered by Sir Alexander Flemming was ______________







  1. Answer the following questions each in about 50 words (5 x 1 = 5)
  2. Define selective media.
  3. What is spermatization?
  4. Define Operon.
  5. Give the composition of Bordeaux mixture.
  6. What is pasteurization?




  1. Answer any five of the following each in about 350 words only. Draw necessary

diagrams                                                                                                   (5 x 1 = 5)

  1. Enumerate the general characteristics of Viruses.
  2. Briefly discuss about the microbial enzymes and their commercial applications.
  3. Identify and comment on the various phases of microbial growth curve.
  4. How bacteria are classified based on the nutritional requirements?

25.With the help of labelled diagrams, explain the different types of asexual reproduction

in fungi.

26.Explain in detail about bacterial conjugation.

27.Write about the pathogen , symptoms and control measures of Tobacco mosaic


28.Explain nitrogen cycle in detail mentioning the role of microorganisms.



  1. Answer the following questions each in about 1500 words. Draw necessary

diagrams.                                                                                     (2 x 20 = 40)

29.(a) Describe  in brief the range of thallus structure, vegetative, asexual and sexual

reproduction of microalgae.



(b) Write an essay on the internal and external feautures of a bacterial cell.


  1. (a) Explain the following:


(ii) Transformation.



(b) Explain the processes involved in wastewater treatment.





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