Member of Parliament (MP) Shri Rahul Gandhi

Member of Parliament (MP) Shri Rahul Gandhi

Constituency   : Amethi (Uttar Pradesh )
Party Name     : Indian National Congress(INC)
Email Address : office[AT]rahulgandhi[DOT]in
Father’s Name Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi
Mother’s Name Smt. Sonia Gandhi
Date of Birth 19 Jun 1970
Place of Birth Delhi
Marital Status Unmarried
Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge University, U.K.
Profession Political and Social Worker
Permanent Address
12, Tughlak Lane,
New Delhi – 110011
Tel : (011) 23795161
Fax : (011) 23012410
Present Address
12, Tughlak Lane,
New Delhi – 110011
Tel : (011) 23795161
Fax : (011) 23012410
Positions Held
2004 Elected, to 14th Lok Sabha
2004 – 2006 Member, Standing Committee on Home Affairs
2007 – 2009 Member, Standing Committee on Human Resource Development
2009 Re-elected to 15th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
31 Aug. 2009 Member, Standing Committee on Human Resource Development
Member, Consultative Committee on Rural Development
May, 2014 Re-elected to 16th Lok Sabha (3rd term)
1 Sep. 2014 onwards Member, Standing Committee on External Affairs
Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Finance and Corporate Affairs
Social And Cultural Activities
Associated with Rajiv Gandhi Foundation; Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund; Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Trust; Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust and Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust
Special Interests
Promotion of primary education; issues related to the empowerment of the weaker and other oppressed sections of society; preservation of marine environment; international affairs
Favourite Pastime and Recreation
Reading and Chess
Sports and Clubs
Swimming, Cycling, Running and Aikido
Countries Visited
Widely travelled

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