MH-CET Medical 2014 Special Instructions

Instructions to Candidates:

1. This question booklet contains 180 Objective Type Questions in the subjects of Physics (45), Chemistry (45) & Biology (90).
2. The question paper and OMR (Optical Mark Reader) Answer Sheet is issued separately at the start of the examination.
3. Choice and sequence for attempting questions will be as per the convenience of the candidate.
4. Candidate should carefully read the instructions printed on the Question Booklet and Answer Sheet and make the correct entries on the Answer Sheet. As Answer Sheets are designed to suit the OPTICAL MARK READER (OMR) SYSTEM, special care should be taken to mark the entries correctly. Special care should be taken to fill QUESTION BOOKLET VERSION, SERIAL No. and MH-CET Roll No. accurately. The correctness of entries has to be cross-checked by the invigilators. The candidate must sign on the Answer Sheet and Question Booklet.
5. Read each question carefully.
6. Determine the correct answer from out of the four available options given for each question.
8. Fill the appropriate circle completely like this •, for answering a particular question. Mark with Black ink ball point pen only.
9. Each question with correct response shall be awarded four (4) marks. There shall be negative marking. For wrong answers there will be deduction of one mark per question. One mark shall be deducted for marking two or more answers of same question, scratching or overwriting.
10. Use of whitener or any other material to erase/hide the circle once filled is not permitted.
11. Avoid overwriting and/or striking of answers once marked.
12. Rough work should be done only on the blank space provided on the Question Booklet. Rough work should not be done on the Answer Sheet.
13. The required mathematical tables (Log etc.) will be provided along with the question booklet.
14. Immediately after the prescribed examination time is over, the Question Booklet and Answer sheet is to be returned to the invigilator. Confirm that both the candidate and invigilator have signed on question booklet and Answer sheet.
15. No candidate is allowed to leave the examination hall till the end of examination.

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