Deoria District of Uttar Pradesh at a Glance

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Deoria district, Uttar Pradesh (MP Constituencies) Bansgaon
MLA Assembly Constituencies in Deoria district, Uttar Pradesh Barhaj
Bhatpar Rani
Rampur Karkhana

About Deoria District :

This district is located between 26 ° 6′ north and 27° 8′ to 83° 29′ east and 84° 26′ east longitude out of which district Kushinagar was created in 1994 by taking north & east portion of Deoria district . District deoria is surrounded by district kushinagar in North, district Gopalganj & Siwan(Bihar state) in East , district Mau & district Ballia in south and district Gorakhpur in West . Deoria district headquarter is situated at 53 km. milestone from Gorakhpur by road towards east . Ghaghara , Rapti & Chhoti Gandak are the main rivers in this district .

Deoria District came into existence at March 16′ 1946 from Gorakhpur district . The name DEORIA is derived from ‘Devaranya’ or probably ‘Devpuria’ as believed . According to official gazzettes , the district name ‘deoria’ is taken by its headquarter name ‘Deoria’ and the term ‘ DEORIA’ generally means a place where there are temples . The name ‘ DEORIA’ originated by a fossil( broken) Shiva Temple by the side of ‘kurna river’ in its northside.

District at a Glance :

  • District – 
  • Headquarters – 
  • State
Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
  • Total – 
  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
Population (Census 2011)
  • Population – 
  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
  • Male – 
  • Female – 
  • Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) – 
  • Density (Total, Persons per sq km) – 
Constituencies (ECI)
  • Assembly
  • Loksabha


RAMLILALA MAIDAN of Deoria is one of the freedom-fight places where a student of class 8th of Basantpur- dhoosi ,RamChandra Vidrarthi, was shot dead on Aug’14’ 1942 during freedom- fight struggle


A place of cultural & historical importance ‘Kushinagar’   is located at 34 km milestone  at Kasia road from Deoria district headquarter.  Kushinagar is currently situated in Kushinagar(Padrauna ) District.  Histporical importance This place was kingdom of ‘Kush’ elder son of  lord Ram.  -world famous as ‘Parnirvan Sthal of Lord  Budha’


A place of historical freedom-fight ‘Chauri Chaura’ is located at 26 km. milestone at Gorakhpur -road from Deoria district headquarter.A place of historical freedom-fight ‘Chauri Chaura’ is located at 26 km. milestone at Gorakhpur -road from Deoria district headquarter.  This place is situated in Gorakhpur district currently

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