South West Delhi District of Delhi at a Glance

Lok Sabha Constituencies in South West Delhi district, Delhi (MP Constituencies)
MLA Assembly Constituencies in South West Delhi district, Delhi

About the District :

South West Delhi is one of the eleven administrative districts of the National Capital Territory of Delhi in India. The Subcity of Dwarka serves as the administrative headquarters of South West Delhi.

South West Delhi is bounded by the districts of West Delhi to the north, Central Delhi to the northeast, New Delhi and South Delhi to the east, Gurgaon District of Haryana state to the south, and Jhajjar District of Haryana to the west. Rajbir Yadav from Chhawla Block Congress Committee is Alderman of South Delhi District of MCD.

South West Delhi has a population of 2,292,363 (2011 census), and an area of 420 km², with a population density of 5,445 inhabitants per square kilometre. It is the fourth most populous district in Delhi.

Administratively, the district is divided into three subdivisions, Dwarka, Najafgarh and Kapas Hera

District at a Glance

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