RPSC Head Master Recruitment Examination Held on September 2, 2018 Question Paper With Answer Key

RPSC Head Master Recruitment Examination Held on September 2, 2018

1. Match list I with list Ii and identify the correct answer by using the codes below

Answer: (b)

2. Which of the following Brahmana texts is not a Brahmana text of the Samaveda?

(a)   Tandya Brahmana

(b)   Shadvinsha Brahmana

(c)   Adbhuta Brahmana

(d)  Taittiriya Brahamana

Answer: (d)

3. Which among the following is not included as the ‘triratna’ (three gems) of Jainism?

(a)   Right Faith (Samyag Darshan)

(b)   Right Knowledge (Samyag Gyana)

(c)   Right Speech

(d)  Right Conduct (Samyag Charit)

Answer: (c)

4. Yogachara School of philosophy belongs to

(a)   Sankhya Yoga

(b)   Shankar Vedant

(c)   Hinayana

(d)  Mahayana

Answer: (d)

5. Which of the following inscriptions of Ashoka is not in Brahmi Script?

(a)   Shahbazgarhi

(b)   Kalsi

(c)   Yerragudi

(d)  Bhabru

Answer: (a)

6. Match List I with List Ii identify correct answer by using the code given below

Answer: (a)

7. Which among the following Gupta rulers maternally related to Lichhavis?

(a)   Shrigupta

(b)   Ghatotkach Gupta

(c)   Samudragupta

(d)  Chandragupta

Answer: (c)

8. ‘Harshavardhana’ has been called ‘Param-Maheshvar’ in

(a)   The Banskhera Copper plate

(b)   The Prayaga Prashashti

(c)   The Prabandhkosh

(d)  Harshacharita

Answer: (a)

9. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below

Answer: (c)

10. Which pair among the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a)   Bhatti-Rawanvadha

(b)   Magha-Shishupalvadha

(c)   Hemchandra-Kumarpalcharita

(d)  Bilhan-Malti Madhav

Answer: (d)

11. Al-Biruni’s Kitab-ul-Hind is written in which of the following language?

(a)   Persian

(b)   Arabic

(c)   Turkish

(d)  Urdu

Answer: (b)

12. Pandit Raj Jagannath was the poet Laureate in the court of which Mughal emperor?

(a)   Akbar

(b)   Aurangzeb

(c)   Humayun

(d)  Shahjahan

Answer: (d)

13. The royal cavalry of Shivaji was called

(a)   Bargir

(b)   Risala

(c)   Silahdar

(d)  Dabeer

Answer: (a)

14. Against whom did Shivaji fight battles in his early days?

(a)   Golkunda

(b)   Bijapur

(c)   Hyderabad

(d)  Mughal

Answer: (b)

15. Which among the following issues was not a cause of the II Anglo-Maratha war?

(a)   Difference of opinion among the Maratha Sardars

(b)   Incapability of Preshva Bajirao

(c)   Imperialistic thrust of British

(d)  Disregarding the subsidiary Alliance

Answer: (b)

16. Match list I with list Ii and select the correct answer by using the code given below

Answer: (a)

17. Arrange the following events of the struggle of 1857 in chronological order

(A) Uprising in Meerut

(B) Uprising in Lucknow

(C) Uprising in Jhansi

(D) Uprising in Nasirabad

Choose the correct code

(a)   D, A, C, B

(b)   A, D, B, C

(c)   C, B, A, D

(d)  B, C, D, A

Answer: (d)

18. Who among the following translated the Euclid’s Geometry in the Sanskrit?

(a)   Jagannath

(b)   Sawai Jaisingh

(c)   Keval Ram

(d)  Vidhyadhar

Answer: (a)

19. Which of the following statements is not true about the administrative reforms of Lord Curzon?

(a)   Appointed Police Commission in 1902.

(b)   Famine Commission was appointed under Anthony Macdonell.

(c)   Commission on irrigation was appointed in 1901.

(d)  Department of Commerce and Industry was abolished in 1903.

Answer: (d)

20. The day which was celebrated as ‘Rakhi Divas’ in Bengal to protest against partition of Bengal was

(a)   September 28, 1905

(b)   July 19, 1905

(c)   October 16, 1905

(d)  August 9, 1905

Answer: (c)

21. Which of the following works is not composed by Raja Ram Mohan Roy?

(a)   A Gift to Monotheists

(b)   The Precepts of Jesus

(c)   The Destiny of Human life

(d)  Gaudiya Vyakaran

Answer: (c)

22. When did Swami Vivekanand establish Ramakrishna Math at Belur

(a)   1909

(b)   1881

(c)   1897

(d)  1901

Answer: (c)

23. Which one of the following was not among the intellectual contributors of French Revolution?

(a)   Dante

(b)   Voltaire

(c)   Rousseau

(d)  Diderot

Answer: (a)

24. When did the Tennis court oath’ incident took place in France?

(a)   May 5, 1789

(b)   July 20, 1789

(c)   June 17, 1789

(d)  June 20, 1789

Answer: (d)

25. Which among the following was not one of the four Regulations proposed by Greenville in America?

(a)   Iron Factories Act

(b)   Molasses Act

(c)   Stamp Act

(d)  Quartering Act

Answer: (a)

26. Match the following events and dates related to American war of Independence

Answer: (a)

27. The day observed as ‘Bloody Sunday’ in History of Russia is

(a)   January 22, 1905

(b)   October 30, 1905

(c)   March 10, 1917

(d)  November 7, 1917

Answer: (a)

28. Which of the following countries was not with the allied powers during First World War?

(a)   Greece

(b)   Bulgaria

(c)   Cuba

(d)  Rumania

Answer: (b)

29. Which of the following statements is not true about Second World War?

(a)   Germany attacked Poland on September 1, 1939

(b)   Russia attacked Poland on September 17, 1939.

(c)   America declared war against Germany on December 6, 1940.

(d)  Italy declared war against France and England on June 10, 1940.

Answer: (b)

30. Who was not a court scholar of Prithviraj Chauhan III?

(a)   Vidyapati Ganda

(b)   Vagishvara Janardana

(c)   Vishvarupa

(d)  Sarangadhara

Answer: (d)

31. The fort, which is not built by Maharana Kumbha?

(a)   Bhainsroadgarh

(b)   Machan Fort

(c)   Bhomat Fort

(d)  Basanti Fort

Answer: (a)

32. The text ‘Muhurtmala’, composed by court scholar of Maharana Pratap, was

(a)   Rama Sandu

(b)   Mala Sandu

(c)   Chakrapani Mishra

(d)  Tarachand

Answer: (c)

33. Which of the following works was composed by Mirabai?

(a)   Sakhi

(b)   Bijak

(c)   Shabad

(d)  Padavali

Answer: (d)

34. Who among the following is not a prominent Charan writer of Rajasthan?

(a)   Pasaita

(b)   Bithu Meha

(c)   Prithviraj Rathod

(d)  Jaimal

Answer: (a)

35. The integration of Rajasthan in 1956 was achieved with the merger of the territories of

(a)   Jhalawar and Kota

(b)   Aburoad-Delwara and Ajmer

(c)   Alwar and Bharatpur

(d)  Udaipur and Dungarpur

Answer: (b)

36. The leaders of Mewar Prajamandal arrested during Quit India Movement on August 21, 1942 were

(A) Manikya Lal Verma

(B) Balwant Singh Mehta

(C) Chiranji Lal Mishra

(D) Mohan Lal Sukhadia

(a)   A, B and D

(b)   A and D

(c)   C and D

(d)  Only C

Answer: (a)

37. The moderate leader of the Congress who served as a member of Indian Public Service Commission during 1912-15 was

(a)   Gopal Krishan Gokhale

(b)   Dada Bhai Noroji

(c)   Surendra Nath Banerjee

(d)  Firojshah Mehta

Answer: (a)

38. Which of the following National Congress sessions was presided by JL Nehru?

(a)   Lucknow 1916

(b)   Karachi 1931

(c)   Lahore 1929

(d)  Calcutta 1920

Answer: (c)

39. From where did Subhash Chandra Bose proclaim the establishment of Provisional government of Azad Hind in 1943?

(a)   Andaman

(b)   Singapore

(c)   Imphal

(d)  Rangoon

Answer: (b)

40. Against whom did Bal Gangadhar Tilak file a law suit in London?

(a)   Lord Curzon

(b)   O’ Dyer

(c)   V. Chirol

(d)  Andrew Frazer

Answer: (c)

41. Which article of the Indian Constitution empowers the Parliament of admist a new State into the Union of India?

(a)   Article-1

(b)   Article-2

(c)   Article-3

(d)  Article-4

Answer: (c)

42. Under which article of Constitution of India, Rajya Sabha can propose formation of a new All India Service?

(a)   Article-249

(b)   Article-250

(c)   Article-315

(d)  Article-312

Answer: (d)

43. Which of the following is empowered to make laws on Residuary subjects in India?

(a)   Parliament

(b)   Legislative Assemblies of States

(c)   Panchayati Raj Institutions

(d)  President of India

Answer: (a)

44. Who is the Chief Legal Advisor of India?

(a)   Mukul Rohatgi

(b)   Ravi Shanker Prasad

(c)   KK Venugopal

(d)  BS Chauhan

Answer: (c)

45. Mention the tenure of enforcement of laws made on State list by Parliament after emergency is revoked.

(a)   Six months

(b)   Six days

(c)   Six weeks

(d)  Thirty days

Answer: (a)

46. Which of the following Bills requires the prior consent of the President before its introduction in the Parliament?

(a)   Bill which seeks alter the boundaries of any State

(b)   Constitutional Amendment Bill

(c)   Finance Bill

(d)  Any Private Bill

Answer: (a)

47. To whom President of India Submits his/her resignation?

(a)   Vice-President of India

(b)   Chief Justice of India

(c)   Prime Minister of India

(d)  Lok Sabha Speaker

Answer: (d)

48. Which part of the Indian Constitution contains directive principals of State policy?

(a)   Part-III

(b)   Part-IV

(c)   Part-VIII

(d)  Part-II

Answer: (b)

49. By which Constitutional Amendment of the Indian Constitution the word ‘Socialist’ was added to the preamble?

(a)   14th Constitutional Amendment

(b)   30th Constitutional Amendment

(c)   42th Constitutional Amendment

(d)  34th Constitutional Amendment

Answer: (c)

50. On the basis of duration of their term as Chief Minister, arrange the Chief Ministers of Rajasthan in descending (longest serving first) order

(i) Mohan Lal Sukhadia

(ii) Hari Dev Joshi

(iii) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

(iv) Ashok Gehlot

Choose the correct code

(a)   (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)

(b)   (i), (iii), (ii), (iv)

(c)   (i), (ii), (iv), (iii)

(d)  (i), (iii), (iv), (ii)

Answer: (d)

51. Name the Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court

(a)   Pradeep Nandrajog

(b)   Hemant Gupta

(c)   SK Mukherjee

(d)  Ajeet Singh

Answer: (a)

52. Name the present Dy. Chairman of Rajya Sabha

(a)   Venkiah Naidu

(b)   PJ Kurien

(c)   Harivansh Narayan Singh

(d)  Najma Heptulla

Answer: (c)

53. In Indian Constitution Article-32 stands for

(a)   Right to Equality

(b)   Right to Liberty

(c)   Right Against Exploitation

(d)  Right to Constitutional Remedies

Answer: (d)

54. How many Lok Sabha Constituencies of Rajasthan are reserved for Schedule Castes?

(a)   Three

(b)   Four

(c)   Five

(d)  Six

Answer: (b)

55. Which of the following writ is related to the personal liberty?

(a)   Mandamus

(b)   Habeas-Corpus

(c)   Quo-Warranto

(d)  Prohibition

Answer: (b)

56. How many methods of Constitutional Amendment are mentioned in Article-368 of the Constitution of India?

(a)   Two

(b)   Three

(c)   Four

(d)  Five

Answer: (a)

57. Article-123 Indian Constitution deals with which power of President?

(a)   Power to issue Ordinance

(b)   Power to appoint Governor

(c)   Power to appoint Chief Justice

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (a)

58. How long the proclamation of financial emergency may remain in operation without the approval by both the Houses of Parliament?

(a)   One month

(b)   Two months

(c)   Six months

(d)  One year

Answer: (b)

59. Which Constitutional Amendment was passed by the Parliament to remove the difficulties created by Supreme Court judgement in Golaknath Vs State of Punjab?

(a)   21st Amendment, 1966

(b)   24th Amendment, 1971

(c)   27th Amendment, 1971

(d)  41st Amendment, 1976

Answer: (b)

60. Which Article of the Indian Constitution incorporates the common law ‘Doctrine of Pleasure?

(a)   Article-130

(b)   Article-228

(c)   Article-89

(d)  Article-310

Answer: (d)

61. Choose the correct descending order of the following sectors on the basis of their contribution in India’s GDP.

(a)   Agriculture, Manufacturing and Service Sector

(b)   Service, Manufacturing and Agriculture Sector

(c)   Manufacturing, Agriculture and Service Sector

(d)  Service, Agriculture and Manufacturing Sector

Answer: (b)

62. Which one of the following defines poverty?

(a)   Productivity of agriculture

(b)   Unemployment

(c)   Nutritional requirements

(d)  Inequalities in Savings

Answer: (c)

63. Green Box subsidies are associated with

(a)   Export promotion measures under WTO

(b)   Agreement on agriculture under WTO

(c)   Establishment of SEZ

(d)  Agreement of higher education under WTO

Answer: (b)

64. As per the India’s population Census 2011, achievement of which of the following fields can be considered note worthy?

(a)   Literacy

(b)   Rapid growth of urban population

(c)   Sex ratio

(d)  All given options

Answer: (*)

65. In which of the following women-literacy rate (Census 2011) is lowest in the country?

(a)   Rajasthan

(b)   Bihar

(c)   Uttar Pradesh

(d)  Nagaland

Answer: (b)

66. Which of the following State have highest rank in social index in India?

(a)   Rajasthan

(b)   Kerala

(c)   Uttar Pradesh

(d)  Punjab

Answer: (b)

67. Which of the following comprises the non-farm services?

(a)   Land Reforms

(b)   Technological Reforms

(c)   Infrastructural Reforms

(d)  Marketing Reforms

Answer: (d)

68. Which of the following is the indicator of development on Indian Economy?

(a)   Increase in food grain production

(b)   Increase in unemployment

(c)   Increase in per capital real income

(d)  Increase in industrial waste

Answer: (c)

69. According to the Tendulkar’s Estimates (2009) what percentage of Indian population is living below poverty line?

(a)   20.18%

(b)   25.20%

(c)   30.1%

(d)  37.2%

Answer: (d)

70. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) differs Gross National Product (GNP) by the amount of

(a)   Net Income from Abroad

(b)   Net Indirect Taxes

(c)   Net Debt Interest

(d)  No difference

Answer: (a)

71. Which one of the following is not a flow variable?

(a)   Saving

(b)   Capital

(c)   Investment

(d)  Export

Answer: (a)

72. Who estimated the National Income for the first time in India?

(a)   VKRV Rao

(b)   Dadabhai Naoroji

(c)   Gopal Krishan Gokhle

(d)  Mahalanobis

Answer: (b)

73. When Agriculture support prices increases?

(a)   Increase in Inflation Rate

(b)   Farmer’s Actual cost is increased

(c)   On Farmer’s demand

(d)  Over production

Answer: (a)

74. The agriculture census is conducted in India at the interval of every ……… years.

(a)   5

(b)   10

(c)   4

(d)  7

Answer: (a)

75. Government of Rajasthan has announced to set-up a mini plant at Jaipur for processing and distribution of milk of which of the following?

(a)   Cow

(b)   Sheep

(c)   Camel

(d)  Goat

Answer: (c)

76. As per Budget 2018-19 Chief Minister Raje announced the Establishment of State level Road security training centres in which district of Rajasthan

(a)   Jaipur

(b)   Udaipur

(c)   Tonk

(d)  Bhilwara

Answer: (a)

77. As per population Census 2011 of Rajasthan, arrange the following district according to their population in descending order

(a)   Jaipur, Kota, Jodhpur, Bikaner

(b)   Jaipur, Jodhpur, Alwar, Nagaur

(c)   Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner

(d)  Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur

Answer: (b)

78. Which of the following is not correct pair?

Mineral             Mine

(a)   Gypsum      – Palana

(b)   Pink Marble – Babarmal

(c)   Garnet         – Rajamahal

(d)  Uranium      – Kuradiya

Answer: (a)

79. Which of the following pairs is beneficiary of Choudhary Kumbha Ram Canal?

(a)   Hanumangarh – Jhunjhunu

(b)   Bhilwara – Tonk

(c)   Bikaner – Jodhpur

(d)  Barmer – Jaisalmer

Answer: (a)

80. When Rajasthan government approved first forest policy?

(a)   September, 2011

(b)   August, 2010

(c)   March, 2011

(d)  February, 2010

Answer: (d)

81. QWERTY is a type of what is the world of computers?

(a)   Mother-Board

(b)   Network

(c)   Key-Board

(d)  Memory Card

Answer: (c)

82. e-mail stands for

(a)   Electronic Mail

(b)   Electronic Message Mail

(c)   Electrical Mail

(d)  Electromechanical Mail

Answer: (a)

83. It is required to refresh ……….. after a certain time interval.

(a)   Static RAM

(b)   Dynamic RAM

(c)   Magnetic Memory

(d)  Optical Memory

Answer: (b)

84. Second Generation computers were developed during

(a)   1949 to 1955

(b)   1956 to 1965

(c)   1965 to 1970

(d)  1970 to 1990

Answer: (b)

85. Convert the following decimal number to 8-bit binary.


(a)   101110112

(b)   110111012

(c)   101111012

(d)  101111002

Answer: (a)

86. Convert of the following binary number to octal.


(a)   1728

(b)   2728

(c)   1748

(d)  2748

Answer: (d)

87. The result of binary subtraction (100 – 011) is

(a)   111

(b)   101

(c)   011

(d)  001

Answer: (d)

88. Print quality of printer is given as

(a)   Chromatic Number (CN)

(b)   Dot Per Inch (DPI)

(c)   Rotation Per Minute (RPM)

(d)  Paper Per Minute (PPM)

Answer: (b)

89. Protocol which assigns IP address to client connected in interest is

(a)   DHCP

(b)   IP

(c)   RPC

(d)  HTML

Answer: (a)

90. In computer, FTP stands for

(a)   File Transfer Protocol

(b)   Finding Tele Path

(c)   Finish Tele Program

(d)  File Transfer Process

Answer: (a)

91. Who invented World Wide Web?

(a)   Time Berners Lee

(b)   Sir Thomas

(c)   Charles Babbage

(d)  None of these

Answer: (a)

92. IP address belongs to which of the following class?

(a)   Class A

(b)   Class B

(c)   Class C

(d)  Class D

Answer: (a)

93. Sometimes a text in picture format is shown on certain web-page and you are asked to enter the same text into a text-box. Such picture format text is known as

(a)   OTP

(b)   Captcha

(c)   QR Code

(d)  Link

Answer: (b)

94. Consider column 1 and column 2

Answer: (b)

95. ………… is an application layer protocol while …… is internet layer protocol in TCP/ IP reference model.

(a)   RTP, ICMP

(b)   DSL, IP

(c)   SONET, DSL

(d)  DNS, TCP

Answer: (a)

96. Which one of the following statements about Rajasthan is not correct?

(a)   Its East-West extent is more than North-South extent.

(b)   Its East-West extent is less than North-South extent.

(c)   Its total land boundary is less 6000 km.

(d)  Its latitudinal extent is more than 7° latitudes.

Answer: (b)

97. Which one of the following districts of Rajasthan has a common boundary with Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh State?

(a)   Karauli

(b)   Bharatpur

(c)   Dholpur

(d)  Sawai Madhopur

Answer: (c)

98. The Malpura-Karauli plain is a part of

(a)   Mahi basin

(b)   Banganga basin

(c)   Chambal basin

(d)  Banas basin

Answer: (d)

99. Which of the following are correctly matched?

(a)   A. C and D are correct.

(b)   A, B and C are correct.

(c)   B, C and D are correct.

(d)  A, B and D are correct.

Answer: (b)

100. In which of the following districts of Rajasthan BShw type of climate is found as per Koeppen’s climatic classification?

(a)   Barmer, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Sikar

(b)   Bhilwara, Nagaur, Chittorgarh, Pratapgarh

(c)   Jhalawar, Banswara, Dungarpur, Baran

(d)  Jaipur, Dausa, Alwar, Bharatpur

Answer: (a)

101. The census year with lowest six-ratio in Rajasthan between year 1901 to 2011 is

(a)   1901

(b)   1921

(c)   1991

(d)  2011

Answer: (b)

102. The male work participation rate in Rajasthan as per 2011 census at

(a)   between 55% to 58%

(b)   between 58% to 61%

(c)   between 47% to 50%

(d)  between 50% to 53%

Answer: (d)

103. Match List I with List II and select the answer from the codes given below

Answer: (b)

104. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below :

Answer: (a)

105. Which is not a correct match?

Minerals                     Mining Area

(a)   Gypsum                  Jamsar

(b)   Manganese              Leelwani

(c)   Garnet                     Rajmahal

(d)  Felspar                    Degana

Answer: (d)

106. According to 2011 census, what is the percentage of scheduled tribe population in rural and urban population of Rajasthan?

Rural              Urban

(a)   16.9             3.2

(b)   15.5             2.9

(c)   13.5             4.6

(d)  17.6             5.2

Answer: (a)

107. Jhamar Kotara mines is known for

(a)   Rock Phosphate

(b)   Mica

(c)   Bauxite

(d)  Barytes

Answer: (a)

108. Longitudinal extent of India is about

(a)   31°

(b)   29°

(c)   27°

(d)  28°

Answer: (b)

109. The number of States crossed by Tropic of Cancer in India is

(a)   6

(b)   7

(c)   8

(d)  9

Answer: (c)

110. The Kumaun Himalaya extends between rivers

(a)   Indus and Satluj

(b)   Kali and Tista

(c)   Satluj and Kali

(d)  Satluj and Tista

Answer: (c)

111. The tract North of Luni is known as

(a)   Thali

(b)   Dhrian

(c)   Rohi

(d)  Meja

Answer: (a)

112. The Pre-monsoon shower of West Bengal is known as

(a)   Bordoichila

(b)   Kalvaishkhi

(c)   Cherry Blossom

(d)  Tea Shower

Answer: (b)

113. According to the Koppen’s climatic classification ‘Amw’ of climate is found in which of the following Indian States?

(a)   Odisha and Chhattisgarh

(b)   Gujarat and Western Madhya Pradesh

(c)   Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh

(d)  Western coast of India South of Goa

Answer: (d)

114. In Odisha and Andhra Pradesh shifting agriculture is known as

(a)   Penda

(b)   Podu

(c)   Onam

(d)  Jhoom

Answer: (b)

115. Which of the following crops in India is estimated to have decreased production during 2017-18 over the year 2016-17?

(a)   Rice

(b)   Cotton

(c)   Wheat

(d)  Sugarcane

Answer: (c)

116. Which one of the following is not a correct match?

Mineral                       Mining Area

(a)   Bauxite       Kalahandi and Koraput

(b)   Manganese  Balaghat and Chhindwada

(c)   Tungsten     Degana and Bankura

(d)  Copper        Hutti and Ramgiri

Answer: (d)

117. The largest chromite producing State in India is

(a)   Karnataka

(b)   Odisha

(c)   Maharashtra

(d)  Jharkhand

Answer: (b)

118. The National Rice Research Institute of India is located at

(a)   Midnapore

(b)   Cuttack

(c)   Chennai

(d)  Panipat

Answer: (b)

119. Which of the following statements is not correct?

(a)   Bhilai Iron and Steel plant gets thermal power from Korba thermal power plant.

(b)   Rourkela Iron and Steel plant is governed by Hindustan Steel Limited.

(c)   Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Limited was established with German collaboration.

(d)  TISCO gets its Haematite iron ore from Noamundi.

Answer: (b)

120. Lake Titicaca is situated in which continent?

(a)   South America

(b)   Australia

(c)   Europe

(d)  North America

Answer: (a)

121. Match List with List II and select the correct answer from the codes given below :

Answer: (c)

122. Greenland and Baffin island is divided by

(a)   Hudson Strait

(b)   Davis Strait

(c)   Yucatan Strait

(d)  Torres Strait

Answer: (a)

123. ‘Savanna’ type of climate is located between which latitudes

(a)   20°N-30°N and 20°S-30°S

(b)   30°N-40°N and 30°S-40°S

(c)   5°N-20°N and 5°S-20°S

(d)  25°N-35°N and 25°S-35°S

Answer: (c)

124. Which is the incorrect match?

Wind               Region

(a)   Fohn           Switzerland

(b)   Pampero      South America

(c)   Haboob       Sudan

(d)  Buran          Canada

Answer: (d)

125. Which one of the following is not an area of Mediterranean type of climate?

(a)   Central California

(b)   Northern New Zealand

(c)   Central Chile

(d)  Southern tip of Africa

Answer: (d)

126. Which vitamin helps in healing of wounds?

(a)   Vitamin A

(b)   Vitamin B

(c)   Vitamin C

(d)  Vitamin D

Answer: (d)

  1. Who invented penicillin?

(a)   Stephenson

(b)   Dunlop

(c)   Kove

(d)  Alexander Fleming

Answer: (d)

128. In which stage of mitotic division morphology of chromosomes is studied?

(a)   Anaphase

(b)   Metaphase

(c)   Telophase

(d)  Interphase

Answer: (b)

129. In which cell organelle, is the double membrane absent?

(a)   Nucleus

(b)   Mitochondria

(c)   Lysosome

(d)  Chloroplast

Answer: (c)

130. What is metabolism?

(a)   Synthesis of Bio-Molecules

(b)   Breaking Bio-Molecules

(c)   Synthesis and breaking Bio-Molecules

(d)  Restructuring of Bio-Molecules

Answer: (c)

131. Mirage is an example of

(a)   Refraction

(b)   Total internal reflection

(c)   Deflection

(d)  Diffraction

Answer: (b)

132. Who invented the law of motion?

(a)   Friedrich

(b)   Newton

(c)   Addison

(d)  Alexander

Answer: (b)

133. Sound waves

(a)   Can move in Vacuum

(b)   Can move only in Solid Medium

(c)   Can move only in Gas Medium

(d)  Can move both in Gas and Solid Medium

Answer: (d)

134. Earthing is used in electrical appliances

(a)   To reduce expenditure

(b)   As appliances work in 3-phase

(c)   For Safety

(d)  In the form of fuse

Answer: (c)

135. In the Telephone receiver

(a)   Electric energy converts into sound energy

(b)   Sound energy converts into electric energy

(c)   Electric energy converts into magnetic energy

(d)  There is no conversion of energy

Answer: (a)

136. The instrument which is used by the police to detect very fast moving vehicles works on

(a)   Doppler effect       

(b)   Kerr effect

(c)   Thomson effect

(d)  Seeback effect

Answer: (a)

137. Ohm’s law is not applicable on which of the following?

(a)   AC circuit

(b)   Conductor

(c)   Semi conductor

(d)  On conductors when there is change in temperature

Answer: (c)

138. Lens of Human eye is

(a)   Convex

(b)   Concave

(c)   Sometimes convex, sometimes concave

(d)  Nature of lens depends on the age of a person

Answer: (a)

139. The ore which is found in abundance in India is?

(a)   Monazite

(b)   Fluorspar

(c)   Bauxite

(d)  Magnetite

Answer: (a)

140. Which of the following chemical is added in washing powder for keeping it dry?

(a)   Sodium silicate

(b)   Inorganic phosphate

(c)   Carboxy-methyl cellulose

(d)  Sodium perborate

Answer: (a)

141. Who had invented the pH scale?

(a)   SPL Sorenson

(b)   Benjamin Franklin

(c)   Henry Moseley

(d)  Wilhelm Rontgen

Answer: (a)

142. Corrosion of metals involves

(a)   Physical reaction

(b)   Chemical reaction

(c)   Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

(d)  None of the above

Answer: (b)

143. Which is the strongest acid?

(a)   HCIO4

(b)   HCIO3

(c)   HCIO2

(d)  HF

Answer: (a)

144. The major constituents of natural gas of

(a)   Methane

(b)   Ethane

(c)   Propane

(d)  Butane

Answer: (a)

145. The smallest particle which participates in a chemical reaction is

(a)   Proton

(b)   Neutron

(c)   Molecule

(d)  Atom

Answer: (d)

146. Pollution of which gases causes Acid rain?

(a)   Carbon-di-oxide and carbon-Monoxide

(b)   Carbon-di-oxide and Nitrogen

(c)   Nitrous oxide and Sulphur-di-oxide

(d)  Carbon-di-oxide and Ozone

Answer: (c)

147. What is used to make stainless steel?

(a)   Chromium and Nickel

(b)   Nickel and Copper

(c)   Chromium and Graphite

(d)  Benzene and Acetone

Answer: (a)

148. Two components of the ecosystem are

(a)   Plants and Animals

(b)   Trees and Weeds

(c)   Biotic and Abiotic

(d)  Land and water

Answer: (c)

149. Ozone layer protects us from

(a)   Infra Red rays

(b)   Ultraviolet rays

(c)   Cosmic rays

(d)  Light rays

Answer: (b)

150. In controlling water pollution by Industrial wastes, which weed is found useful?

(a)   Elephant Grass

(b)   Water Hyacinth

(c)   Congress Grass

(d)  Ranunculus

Answer: (b)

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