Uttar Pradesh Graduate Teacher Examination-2013 Held on 25-1-2015 Physical Education Question Paper With Answer Key

Uttar Pradesh Graduate Teacher Exam-2013 Held on 25-1-2015

Physical Education

1. Largest gland of our body is-

(A)  Small intestine

(B)  Large intestine

(C)  Liver

(D)  Pancreas

Answer: (C)

2. Tournaments are of how many types?

(A)  3

(B)  4

(C)  5

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

3. Who, and when Y MCA was established ?

(A)  1920, P. M. Joseph

(B)  1920, H. C. Buck

(C)  1957, P. M. Joseph

(D)  1957, H. C. Buck

Answer: (B)

4. ‘Arjun Award’ is given to-

(A)  Best player at National level

(B)  Best player at International level

(C)  Best player at state level

(D)  Best teacher

Answer: (A)

5. In healthy human being the number of white blood corpuscles is-

(A)  5000-9000/cubic mm

(B)  7000-11000/cubic mm

(C)  1000-10000/ cubic mm

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

6. The power of body fighting against disease is known as

(A)  Anti-infection

(B)  Immunity

(C)  Both (A) and (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

7. According to World Health Organization-

(A)  Health is the quality of life that enables the individual to live most and to serve best

(B)  Health is a state of being healthy and sound in body, mind or soul especially from physical disease or pain

(C)  Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or intirnity

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

8. In India women hockey club was established-

(A)  1974

(B)  1975

(C)  1976

(D)  1977

Answer: (B)

9. The Olympic flag total number of circles are-

(A)  3

(B)  4

(C)  5

(D)  7

Answer: (C)

10. For building teeth and bones what is necessary ?

(A)  Iron

(B)  Calcium

(C)  Protein

(D)  Iodine

Answer: (B)

11. ‘Dronacharya Award’ is awarded to-

(A)  Best player

(B)  Best teacher

(C)  Best soldier

(D)  Best doctor

Answer: (B)

12. ‘Trail and Error method’ theory was given by-

(A)  Crow and Crow

(B)  Pavlov

(C)  Thorndike

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

13. Personal hygiene helps in-

(A)  Developing attractive personality

(B)  Developing emotional stability

(C)  Both (A) and (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

14. Main sensory organs are-

(A)  Eye, ear, leg skin

(B)  Skin, ear, hand, nose

(C)  Eye, ear, nose, skin

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

15. In Basketball match is started with-

(A)  Side pass

(B)  Free throw

(C)  Centre Pass

(D)  Throw ball

Answer: (D)

16. “Heredity is the sum total of inborn individual traits.” Who gave this definition ?

(A)  Ruth Benedict

(B)  Woodworth

(C)  Peterson

(D)  B. N. Jha

Answer: (D)

17. Main function of food is-

(A)  Formation of new cell and repair of damage cells

(B)  Formation of blood

(C)  Both (A) and (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

18. On the basis of function, in how many groups food is divided ?

(A)  2

(B)  3

(C)  4

(D)  6

Answer: (B)

19. Main source of vitamin ‘D’ is-

(A)  Sunlight

(B)  Excess water

(C)  Balance diet

(D)  Fruits

Answer: (A)

20. What is strain ?

(A)  Ligament rupture

(B)  Muscle pull or tear

(C)  Bone fracture

(D)  Dislocation of bone

Answer: (B)

21. Process which help in improving teaching method, syllabus and method is known as-

(A)  Supervision

(B)  Teaching

(C)  Evaluation

(D)  Camping

Answer: (C)

22. Who is known as father of Basketball ?

(A)  Arjun Singh

(B)  Suman Sharma

(C)  North Smith

(D)  Ben Jonhson

Answer: (C)

23. Measurement of Basket ball court is-

(A)  25 × 15 mt

(B)  24 × 15 mt

(C)  28 × 15 mt

(D)  27 × 15 mt

Answer: (C)

24. Which blood group person is called ‘universal donor’ ?

(A)  Blood group ‘AB’

(B)  Blood group ‘A’

(C)  Blood group ‘O’

(D)  Blood group ‘B’

Answer: (C)

25. Living out from home for a specific time in tents or huts is known as-

(A)  Camp

(B)  Ashram

(C)  Agency

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

26. ‘Protective food’ are-

(A)  Carbohydrates and fats

(B)  Protein and vitamins

(C)  Protein and fats

(D)  Vitamins and minerals

Answer: (D)

27. ‘Learning’ is which type of process ?

(A)  Scientific         

(B)  Behavioural

(C)  Psychological

(D)  Professional

Answer: (C)

28. Longest bone found in our body is-

(A)  Tibia

(B)  Fibula

(C)  Femur

(D)  Humerus

Answer: (C)

29. What is the normal temperature of the healthy body ?

(A)  97℉

(B)  98.4℉

(C)  99℉

(D)  99.4℉

Answer: (B)

30. Who has been awarded ‘Dronacharya Award’ ?

(A)  Dr. Ajmer Singh

(B)  Dr. Labh Singh

(C)  Prof. Karan Singh

(D)  Abhinav Bindra

Answer: (C)

31. What is the meaning of ‘CITIUS’ ?

(A)  Run fast

(B)  Jump high

(C)  Very strong

(D)  Very intelligent

Answer: (A)

32. Which method is applied for the treatment of sprain and strain ?

(A)  Hot water therapy


(C)  By doing rest

(D)  By doing massage

Answer: (B)

33. Which is track event ?

(A)  Long jump

(B)  Javelin throw

(C)  Marathon

(D)  Pole vault

Answer: (C)

34. Scraped skin or mucous membrane is known as-

(A)  abrasion

(B)  contusion

(C)  bruise

(D)  strain

Answer: (A)

35. Measurement of ‘Kho-Kho’ field is-

(A)  29 × 16 mt

(B)  30 × 15 mt

(C)  28 × 15 mt

(D)  28 × 16 mt

Answer: (A)

36. Main him of Physical Education is-

(A)  All round development of a person

(B)  Entertainment of a person through sports and games

(C)  Both (A) and (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

37. ‘Law of Exercise’ is also known by the another name is-

(A)  Law of readiness

(B)  Law of effect

(C)  Law of use and disuse

(D)  Law of learning

Answer: (C)

38. Who is known as father of kinesiology ?

(A)  Archimedes

(B)  Newton

(C)  Aristotle

(D)  Galen

Answer: (C)

39. Teaching people to utilize their free time in a constructive manner is called-

(A)  Camp

(B)  Training

(C)  Recreation

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

40. Which is theory of ‘transfer of learning’ ?

(A)  Conditioned response theory

(B)  Theory of identical elements

(C)  Imitation theory

(D)  Positive transfer of training

Answer: (B)

41. To promote people for any work and to motivate them is known as-

(A)  Evaluation

(B)  Public relation

(C)  Leadership

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (C)

42. Total number of permanent teeth-

(A)  30

(B)  31

(C)  32

(D)  33

Answer: (C)

43. What is full name of N.S.N.I.S ?

(A)  Netaji Subhas National Indian Sports

(B)  National Institute of National Indian Sports

(C)  Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

44. In our body main source of energy is-

(A)  Protein

(B)  Vitamins

(C)  Carbohydrates

(D)  Minerals

Answer: (C)

45. Fat soluble vitamins are-

(A)  A, B, C, D

(B)  B, C, E, K

(C)  A, B, D, C

(D)  A, D, E, K

Answer: (D)

46. ‘Skinner’ gave following definition related to ‘learning’ –

(A)  Learning is the modification of behaviour through experience and training

(B)  Learning is process of progressive behaviour adaptation

(C)  Learning, is the organization of the environment

(D)  Learning, is the organization of the total situation

Answer: (B)

47. Meaning of environment is-

(A)  The transmission of traits from parents to offspring

(B)  Environment is an external force which influence us

(C)  Environment is the sum total of inborn individuals traits

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

48. League tournament are also known as-

(A)  Knock out tournament

(B)  Combination tournament

(C)  Round robin tournament

(D)  Challenge tournament

Answer: (C)

49. News paper. T. V., exhibition are main sources of-

(A)  Teaching

(B)  Evaluation

(C)  Generalism

(D)  Public-relation

Answer: (D)

50. Competitions conducted between the players of two or more institutions is known as-

(A)  Intramurals

(B)  Knock out      

(C)  Extramurals

(D)  Challenge type

Answer: (C)

51. Measurement of volley ball court is-

(A)  18 m × 8 m

(B)  17 m × 9 m

(C)  18.5 × 9.5 m

(D)  18 m × 9 m

Answer: (D)

52. Effect of exercise on respiratory system-

(A)  Improves will power

(B)  Decrease in rate of respiration

(C)  Improves tolerating power

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (D)

53. Which is communicable disease among these ?

(A)  Viral fever

(B)  Fracture

(C)  Cancer

(D)  Heart attack

Answer: (A)

54. ‘Beri-beri’ is caused due to deficiency of vitamin-

(A)  ‘A’

(B)  ‘B’

(C)  ‘C’

(D)  ‘D’

Answer: (B)

55. Communicable disease are those diseases which-

(A)  Do not spread by touching each other

(B)  Do not spread by air, dust and food etc.

(C)  Do not spread very fast

(D)  Spread directly or indirectly by touching one another

Answer: (D)

56. Which type of joint is found in elbow and knee ?

(A)  Gliding joint

(B)  Pivot joint

(C)  Hinge joint

(D)  Ball and socket joint

Answer: (C)

57. For the formation of haemoglobin which substance is required ?

(A)  Potassium

(B)  Calcium

(C)  Iron

(D)  Iodine

Answer: (C)

58. Competitions conducted inside the wall of the institution are-

(A)  Athletic meet

(B)  Intramural

(C)  Extramural

(D)  Elections

Answer: (B)

59. In 1 minute our heart beats how many times ?

(A)  60 – 70 times/min

(B)  72 – 75 times/min

(C)  70 – 80 times/min

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

60. Base of the difference between girls and boys is-

(A)  Height

(B)  Weight

(C)  Gender-difference

(D)  Development

Answer: (C)

61. Weight of the ball of ‘Basketball’ –

(A)  625 gm

(B)  624 gm

(C)  626 gm

(D)  627 gm

Answer: (A)

62. ‘Body building’ food are rich in-

(A)  Vitamins

(B)  Minerals

(C)  Fat

(D)  Proteins

Answer: (D)

63. ‘Long Bones’ work in human body as-

(A)  To give strength

(B)  To give shelter

(C)  Work as lever

(D)  To provide base for muscular joints

Answer: (C)

64. How many umpires are there in cricket game ?

(A)  1

(B)  2

(C)  3

(D)  4

Answer: (C)

65. AIDS does not spread by-

(A)  Sexual transmission

(B)  Blood transmission

(C)  Shaking hands with people having AIDS

(D)  Mother to child transmission

Answer: (C)

66. Family recreation is-

(A)  Which is found in such places as amusement parks, fun cities and so on

(B)  Which involves the activities a family chooses to engage in during leisure time

(C)  In which school/college recreation is provided by the concerned authorities/ boards for the person who are registered with it

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

67. Total pair of ribs found in our body is-

(A)  12

(B)  24

(C)  13

(D)  14

Answer: (A)

68. Discipline, honesty, attractive personality are qualities of-

(A)  Doctor

(B)  Engineer

(C)  Leader

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

69. Cardiacc muscles are of which type ?

(A)  Voluntary muscles

(B)  Involuntary muscles

(C)  Both (A) and (B)

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

70. Energy of food is measured in-

(A)  Litre

(B)  Metre

(C)  Calorie

(D)  Kilowatt

Answer: (C)

71. Which hormone is secreted from ‘Islets of Langerhans’?

(A)  Pepsin

(B)  Peptone

(C)  Insulin

(D)  Renin

Answer: (C)

72. Who works like ‘blood bank’ ?

(A)  Gall bladder

(B)  Liver

(C)  Heart

(D)  Spleen

Answer: (D)

73. On injury blood clotting in done by-

(A)  White blood corpuscles

(B)  Red blood corpuscles

(C)  Blood plattets

(D)  Haemoglobin

Answer: (C)

74. Meseals, Small pox, T. B. etc. communicable diseases transmit through which mode ?

(A)  Water

(B)  Food

(C)  Air

(D)  Virus

Answer: (C)

75. ‘Physical Education is that phase of the whole field of education that deals with big muscles activities and their related responses.” This definition was given by-

(A)  Charles A. Bucher

(B)  A. R. Wayman

(C)  J. B. Nash

(D)  H. C. Buck

Answer: (C)

76. AIDS is transmitted through-

(A)  Bacteria

(B)  Fungi

(C)  Virus

(D)  Protozoa

Answer: (C)

77. Educational exercise is-

(A)  Yogasana

(B)  Marching

(C)  Free and exercise

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (D)

78. What is the standard measurement of running track ?

(A)  400 m track

(B)  800 m track

(C)  200 m track

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

79. Who gives ‘Arjun Award’ ?

(A)  President

(B)  Prime Minister

(C)  Sports Minister

(D)  Defence Minister

Answer: (A)

80. Which type of agencies product camp like NCC and NSS ?

(A)  Religious organization

(B)  Private agencies

(C)  Youth serving agencies

(D)  Government agencies

Answer: (D)

81. Kinds of environment are-

(A)  Favourable and unfavourable environment

(B)  Geographical and social environment

(C)  Natural and artificial environment

(D)  Financial and physical environment

Answer: (A)

82. Who started modern Olympic games ?

(A)  Aristole

(B)  N. Smith

(C)  Baron. De. Coubertin

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

83. Which recreation is sponsored by villages, towns and cities for their residents. It is controlled, financed and organized by the community-

(A)  Industrial recreation

(B)  Community recreation

(C)  Therapeutic recreation

(D)  Family recreation

Answer: (B)

84. Name the fracture in which the break occurs only part way through the bone-

(A)  Simple

(B)  Multiple

(C)  Greenstick

(D)  Impact

Answer: (C)

85. Malaria is transmitted through-

(A)  Fly

(B)  Dog biting

(C)  Male Anopheles mosquito bite

(D)  Female Anopheles mosquito bite

Answer: (D)

86. ‘Penalty corner’ is related to which game ?

(A)  Hockey

(B)  Football

(C)  Basketball

(D)  Volleyball

Answer: (A)

87. How many bones are there in vertebral column ?

(A)  26

(B)  27

(C)  33

(D)  34

Answer: (C)

88. Trophy related to basketball is-

(A)  S. M. Arjun Raja

(B)  Poormima trophy

(C)  Dhyanchand trophy

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (A)

89. Which asan is done at the end of yogasan ?

(A)  Pranayam

(B)  Padmasan

(C)  Shavasan

(D)  Sukhasan

Answer: (C)

90. Tissues are known as-

(A)  Group of cells having same structure and doing different type of work

(B)  The singular group of cells doing same type of work and having same structure

(C)  The group of cell having different structure and doing same type of work

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

91. Life span of red blood corpuscles in humans is for-

(A)  75 – 110 days

(B)  80 – 90 days

(C)  100 – 120 days

(D)  90 – 112 days

Answer: (C)

92. When Arjun Award is given ?

(A)  August 5

(B)  August 25

(C)  August 30

(D)  August 29

Answer: (D)

93. ‘Corner Kick’ is related to which game ?

(A)  Basketball

(B)  Handball

(C)  Football

(D)  Hockey

Answer: (C)

94. How many types of motivation is there ?

(A)  4

(B)  3

(C)  2

(D)  1

Answer: (C)

95. Main factors affecting physical fitness are-

(A)  Physical activities and fitness

(B)  Physical and mental health

(C)  Confidence and positive thinking

(D)  Heredity and environment

Answer: (D)

96. Factors which effect mental health is-

(A)  Tasty food

(B)  Balance diet

(C)  Sports and games

(D)  Good relationship among family members

Answer: (D)

97. ‘Lona’ is related to which game ?

(A)  Kho-Kho

(B)  Kabbaddi

(C)  Lawn Tennis

(D)  Badminton

Answer: (B)

98. Total playing time of hockey is-

(A)  90 min

(B)  65 min

(C)  75 min

(D)  80 min

Answer: (C)

99. Main respiratory organ is-

(A)  Nose

(B)  Heart

(C)  Larynx

(D)  Lungs

Answer: (D)

100. ‘Tennis serve’ is in which game ?

(A)  Lawn tennis

(B)  Table tennis

(C)  Volleyball

(D)  Badminton

Answer: (C)

101. Among the following which event is ‘jumping event’ ?

(A)  Javelin throw

(B)  Long jump

(C)  100 m race

(D)  Discus throw

Answer: (B)

102. Who is known as ‘Hockey Wizard’ ?

(A)  Milkha Singh

(B)  Dhyanchand

(C)  Dhanraj Pillae

(D)  Jafar Iqubal

Answer: (B)

103. Which artery carry impure blood from heart to lungs-

(A)  Coronary arteries

(B)  Pulmonary arteries

(C)  Superior venacave

(D)  Lymphatic ducts

Answer: (B)

104. Total number of bones found in human body is-

(A)  306

(B)  206

(C)  210

(D)  205

Answer: (B)

105. What is the cash amount of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award ?

(A)  Rs 3 lakh

(B)  Rs 5 lakh

(C)  Rs 6 lakh

(D)  Rs 7 lakh

Answer: (B)

106. What is the another name of involuntary muscles ?

(A)  Striped muscles

(B)  Skeleton muscles

(C)  Unstriped muscles

(D)  Cardiac muscles

Answer: (C)

107. Which type of tournament is perfect for conducting badminton and tennis like sports ?

(A)  Knock out

(B)  League

(C)  Challenge

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

108. Kinesiology is the study related to-

(A)  Body structure

(B)  Disease

(C)  Motion

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

109. Classification given by Sheldon is-

(A)  Aesthenic, Athletic, Pyknic

(B)  Sanguine, the melancholic, the cholric

(C)  Endomorphic, mesomorphic, ectomorphic

(D)  All of the above

Answer: (C)

110. Disease caused by the deficiency of ‘vitamin A’ –

(A)  Scurvy

(B)  Rickets  

(C)  Night blindness

(D)  Anemia

Answer: (C)

111. What is the weight of hockey stick ?

(A)  27 ounce

(B)  26 ounce

(C)  28 ounce

(D)  29 ounce

Answer: (C)

112. Which part of the cell is also known is ‘Power house of the cell’ ?

(A)  Nucleus

(B)  Golgibodies

(C)  Centrosome

(D)  Mitochondria

Answer: (D)

113. Meaning of AIDS is-

(A)  Acquired immune syndrome

(B)  Acquired deficiency syndrome

(C)  Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (C)

114. ‘Lady Ratan Tata Cup’ competition is related to which game ?

(A)  Basketball

(B)  Hockey

(C)  Kho-Kho

(D)  Cricket

Answer: (B)

115. When ‘Kho-Kho Federation of India’ was established ?

(A)  1961

(B)  1960

(C)  1962

(D)  1963

Answer: (B)

116. Our body is made up of many living units, known as-

(A)  Tissue

(B)  System

(C)  Cell

(D)  Membrane

Answer: (C)

117. YMCA, YWCA, the clubs, boy scouts, girls guides, comes under which agency ?

(A)  Governmental

(B)  Voluntary

(C)  Private

(D)  None of the above

Answer: (B)

118. Total muscle found in human body-

(A)  700

(B)  More than 600

(C)  500

(D)  Less than 600

Answer: (B)

119. Recreation providing agencies are of how many types ?

(A)  3

(B)  4

(C)  5

(D)  2

Answer: (B)

120. Blood is which type of tissue ?

(A)  Epithelical tissue

(B)  Connective tissue

(C)  Mascular tissue

(D)  Nervous tissue

Answer: (B)

121. In which joint bone can rotate in 360° ?

(A)  Ball and socket joint

(B)  Hinge joint

(C)  Pivot joint

(D)  Saddle joint

Answer: (A)

122. Main sense organ of taste is-

(A)  Mouth

(B)  Lips

(C)  Tongue

(D)  Teeth

Answer: (C)

123. How many types of permanent teeth are there ?

(A)  8

(B)  4

(C)  12

(D)  32

Answer: (B)

124. Which is the mechanism of ear ?

(A)  Hearing

(B)  Equilibrium (balancing)

(C)  None of the above

(D)  (A) and (B) both

Answer: (D)

125. Red Blood corpuscles are formed in-

(A)  Bone

(B)  Compact layer

(C)  Cardiac muscle

(D)  Bone marrow

Answer: (D)

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