AIEEA – UG – 2014 Conduct of Examination


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(i) Examination Hall will be opened to candidates 30 minutes before the commencement of examination.

(ii) Candidate who does not possess Admit Card (candidate copy), duly attested and signed will not be admitted to the Examination Hall under any circumstances.

(iii) Pre-written material in any form, viz., notes/ books/ log table, and mobile phones/i-pods, calculator or any electronic device are not allowed inside the examination hall. For verification, candidate may be searched at any  time during the examination.

(iv) The examination will start strictly on time and an announcement to this effect will be made by the Invigilator.

(v) A time signal will be given ringing a long bell at the start of the examination. To indicate that one hour is remaining, or 15 minutes are remaining, short bells will be given. A signal (long bell) will also be given at the closing time for collection of OMR sheet and question booklet when the candidate must stop writing/marking the

(vi) Candidate coming late may be allowed to enter the examination hall up to 10.30 A.M. only but no extra time will be given. Candidate coming late beyond 30 minutes, after the commencement of the examination, will not be permitted.

(vii) Fifteen minutes before the commencement of the examination, each candidate will be given OMR Answer sheet and five minutes before, the Question Booklet.

(viii) Immediately on receipt of Question Booklet, candidate should write/fill-in the required particulars on the cover page of the Question Booklet with BLACK/ BLUE BALL-POINT PEN ONLY. Candidate will not open the Question Booklet, until asked to do so by the Invigilator.

(ix) Candidate will write required particulars on OMR answer sheet with only BLACK / BLUE BALLPOINT PEN on SIDE-I and –II.

(x) No candidate shall be allowed to leave the Examination Hall until the completion of examination and related formalities. Candidate will hand over Question Booklet and OMR  Answer Sheet to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall.

(xi) After completing the examination and before handing over the Question Booklet and the OMR Answer Sheet, the candidate should once again check that all the particulars required in the Question Booklet and the OMR Answer Sheet has been correctly filled-in.

(xii) The OMR Answer sheet shall be scanned and evaluated through computer and the category- wise final merit list for counselling shall be  prepared based on the reservation category information given by the candidate in OMR Answer sheet. It must be ensured by the candidate that Roll Number, Subject Stream, Series of Question Booklet, optional paper attempted and Reservation Category are correctly written in the OMR Answer Sheet and also the OMR Answer Sheet is duly signed by
the invigilator and the candidate at appropriate places, failing which it may not be considered for evaluation.

(xiii) Before leaving the Examination Hall, the candidate must ensure that OMR Answer Sheet and Question Booklet have been handed over to the invigilator on duty. In case, the candidate does not hand over the OMR Answer Sheet with Question Booklet to the invigilator and takes away the same with him/her, this shall amount
to use of unfair means and the candidate will be declared failed besides inviting further necessary action.

(xiv) Candidates are advised to bring with them their own writing material such as hard card-board (on which nothing should be written) and their own good quality black/blue ball-point pens.

(xv) Any attempt of using unfair means by the candidate during the examination process will render him/her liable to be disqualified and his/her her candidature for the examination would be forfeited.

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