Manipal (OET) FAQ

1. What are the courses offered by Manipal University?

Manipal University is offering courses in Allied Health Sciences, Applied Sciences, Architecture, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Biotechnology, Commerce, Dentistry, Engineering, European Studies, Geopolitics, Hotel Management, Humanities, Information Sciences, Jewellery Design & Management, Life Sciences, Management, Media and Communication, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Social Work and Statistics.

2. Are the courses offered by the Manipal University recognised?

Manipal University is established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 vide notification #F9-8/89-U.3 dated 1/6/1993 of the Government of India. All the courses offered by Manipal University are in conformity to the guidelines laid down by UGC. All professional courses are recognised by respective councils like MCI, DCI, AICTE, INC, PCI etc.

3. What are the minimum requirements for applying to a suitable course in Manipal University?

Eligibility requirements differ from course to course.

4. Are marks of the qualifying exams are considered for admission?

All admissions are strictly on merit. Admissions to some courses are based on merit in the all India entrance test and some courses, on merit in the qualifying examination.

5. Can I apply to Manipal University before getting the result of qualifying exams?

Yes, the marks card of the final qualifying examination must be submitted on or before the last date for courses where the admissions are on the basis of marks. For all other courses, the proof of having passed the qualifying examination with requisite marks is to be submitted at the time of counselling/ admission.

6. Can I get admission based on entrance test alone? 

Depending on the admission criteria, the admissions will be based on merit in the entrance test or marks in the qualifying examination. However, all candidates must fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements.

7. Can I obtain my application by post?

Yes, by sending DD for the required amount.

8. Can I apply after the last date for submitting the application? 

No application will be entertained after the last date for submission.

9. Do I need to come down to Manipal to receive / submit the application form?

No, the application can be obtained by post/ banks and can be submitted through post. You can also apply online.

10. Where can I get the prospectus and application forms?

The application material can be obtained from the Director, Admissions, Manipal University. The application material is also available online and also sold through various branches of State Bank of India. 

11. If I have to apply for more than one course, should I get that many application forms?

Courses are combined under different groups. Only one application is sufficient for courses under the same group. Separate applications are required for courses under different groups.

12. When will be the result of entrance test and how will I come to know?

The results will be announced in our website. Candidates can also find out their results by calling the admission office telephone numbers.

13. Will the result displayed on the website? 

Yes, the results will be announced in our website.

14. Will I get hostel / hotel accommodation?

Candidates coming for counselling and admission must make their own arrangements for stay. There are plenty of hotels available in Manipal and Udupi. Candidates can log into for more details. Almost all candidates admitted are accommodated in Hostels.

15. Can I depute someone as a nominee for counselling if I am not able to travel/ come down?

Yes, the authorised representative must carry the proper authorisation, fees and all the original documents required for admission.

16. Should I need to pay the admission / tuition fee at the time of counselling / admission?

Yes, the fee is to be paid on the day of counselling/admission.

17. Is there any facility for payment of fees in installments? 

No, the entire first year fees is to be paid on the day of counselling/admission and subsequent fees on the dates to be notified.

18. Is there a capitation fee?

No, candidates need to pay only the fees mentioned in the prospectus.

19. Is there any agent who can help me in getting admission to Manipal University? 

No, we don’t have any agents or middlemen for admissions.

20. Is there any management / reservation/ donation quota?

All admissions are strictly on merit and we don’t have management quota, reserved/ donation seats or payment seats of any kind.

21. Is there any good hostel facility with attached dinning?

Yes, all hostels have mess facility.

22. Will I get hostel allotment at the time of admission?

Yes, all admitted candidates will be accommodated in the hostels.

23. Is there any extracurricular activities avenues promoted / facility available at Manipal University where I can improve upon my skills?

There are plenty of facilities and promoted avenues for the overall personality development.

24. In whose favour should the application/entrance test demand draft (DD) be made, where should it be drawn and in which bank should it be made?

DD should be made in favour of ‘Manipal University’ payable at Manipal or Udupi. DD can be made from any nationalised banks.

25. Can I get model/previous year question paper?

No, Manipal University will not provide any model or previous year question paper.

26. What is a computer based online entrance test, what basic knowledge is required to answer this test? 

In the Online Entrance Test, the candidate sits in front of the computer and the questions appear on the monitor and the candidate submits his answers through use of a key board or mouse. Online Entrance Tests assume the candidate has basic familiarity with use of computers like use of keyboard and mouse operation. It is the responsibility of the candidate to acquire these skills before appearing in the test and the University cannot take responsibility for the same.

27. Can I take back the original documents?

The original documents cannot be given back. The University will retain these documents till the completion of the course. Acknowledgement for the original documents will be given.

28. Who can apply under/ for NRI quota?

Foreign nationals or Non Resident Indians or Indian nationals supported by either parents or brother or sister or spouse having NRI status can apply under the Foreign/ NRI category.

29. Can I choose my preferred test centre?

Yes, you can select the preferred test centre and schedule through Online Test Booking System.

30. What about placement after completion of course?

Manipal University has an excellent placement cell.

31. Can I get syllabus for Manipal University Online Entrance Test?

Yes, candidates can download the syllabus from our website. CLICK HERE for details.

32. What account should the NRI sponsor hold?

Savings A/C or Current A/C or Checking A/C or Personal A/C or Non Residential External A/C or Joint Checking A/C or Interest Checking A/C or FCNR A/C or Super Savers A/C or ADCB Current A/C or Private A/C or NRI A/C or Business Economy Checking A/C or Premium Savings A/C or Salary A/C or Circle Checking or Step A/C or Progress Saver A/C.

33. How should the NRI candidate transfer the money? 

Candidates are required to remit the fees in US Dollars by Demand Draft or WIRE transfer.

34. Who will be the eligible sponsorer for the NRI candidates? 

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Spouse are eligible sponsorer.

35. With whom the notary affidavit is to be notarized?

Notary Affidavit is to be notarized either by the embassy of India abroad or notary public abroad.

36. What is the Manipal University fee code to be mentioned in the challan?

“A” is the fee code of Manipal University.

37. Do we receive a laptop for all the courses offered in Manipal University?

Laptops will be given to all students admitted to MBBS, BDS, BTech, BTech (LATERAL), BArch and MBA courses.

38. Do you offer a PhD degree?

Yes, Manipal University offers PhD courses.

39. Is the mess fee included in the hostel fees?

No, the mess charges will be collected annually along with hostel facilities fees & utility charges.

40. Are Hostels compulsory for the first year students?

Yes, it is mandatory for all the first year students to stay in the hostels. In exceptional cases, permission may be granted by the Dean/ Director to stay out before joining the hostel.

41. Is there any negative marking in Manipal University Online Entrance Test?

There is no negative marking for wrong answers other than the MTech courses.

42. In whose favour should the hostel mess DD drawn?

MAHE HOSTELS made payable at Manipal/ Udupi for Manipal University hostels.
MAHE HOSTELS made payable at Mangalore for Mangalore hostels.
MIT HOSTELS made payable at Manipal/ Udupi for MIT hostels.
WGSHA made payable at Manipal/ Udupi for WGSHA hostels.
STEMPEUTICS RESEARCH PVT. LTD. made payable at Bangalore for MIRM hostels.

43. Where can I avail for a loan facility?

A loan facility can be availed from respective bank branches. There is no loan facility offered by Manipal University.

44. What is a merit-cum-means scholarship?

Candidates admitted to MBBS course within the first 500 ranks and BDS, BPharm, BTech courses within the first 1000 ranks of the respective merit list are offered this merit-cum-means scholarship. Scholarship amount shall be determined based on the parents’ annual income from all sources.
51. Do all the students within the rank 500/1000 for MBBS/ BDS/ BPharm/ BTech course get full scholarship?

No, scholarships are limited.

45. If a candidate has secured a rank within the 500 in MUOET for MBBS, will he/ she get the scholarship and should he/ she make any payment during counselling?

Candidate is required to bring the DD for full amount. The chances of getting scholarship will be known at the time of counselling. This is due to limited scholarships.

46. My counselling in my home town & the counselling conducted in Manipal university are supposed to be on same day. Can I attend the counselling with the photocopies of my marks card?

Yes, along with this you are required to bring the proof of the counselling you are attending.

47. I have submitted my original documents in the other counselling. What can be done so that i can attend the counselling in Manipal University? 

You are required to produce the acknowledgement for the deposition of original documents at other institution.

48. Do you offer a distance education programme?

Manipal University does not offer a distance education programme. Our group Institutions offers distance education programmes visit .

49. Are the classes for the students who have applied under General and NRI categories conducted together?

Yes, classes for both the categories will be conducted together.

50. Printout of E-hall ticket should be in colour or black & white?

The hall ticket can be printed either in colour or black & white.

51. Is there any dress code?

Yes, Students should strictly follow the dress code inside the campus.

52. Do we require printing the E- hall ticket information on single page?

Yes, the e-Hall ticket should be printed on A4 size paper only

53. Can I apply both under Foreign/ NRI & General categories together?

Candidates can apply both under General and Foreign/ NRI category for undergraduate courses. Applicants of postgraduate courses do not have the option of applying under both the categories.

54. Are the hostel charges included in the tuition fee?

No, the hostel fee is mentioned separately.

55. Is it necessary for the parents to accompany children during counselling?

No, it is not mandatory for parents to attend the counselling.

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