Barabanki District of Uttar Pradesh at a Glance

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Barabanki district, Uttar Pradesh (MP Constituencies) Barabanki
MLA Assembly Constituencies in Barabanki district, Uttar Pradesh Barabanki
Ram Nagar

About Barabanki District :

The land of Barabanki district possesses a rich heritage in keeping with its glorious past. This district since its inception has been the meditorium for numerous saints and ascetics, sanctum sanctorum of  ‘Sadhna’ for the literary intellectuals and battlefield for the freedom fighters. For bringing the whole world under one umbrella, Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah of international fame, motivated people through the message of JO RAB WAHI RAM i.e. the supreme power, God is One, is the flower of this fertile land. Satnami  Saint Shri Jagjiwan Das and Saint Malamat Shah lit the torch of communal harmony for the countrymen at large. The place of pilgrimage of the KANWARIYAS’ Mahadeva, the Kurukshetra of Mahabharat  and the Parijaat tree – the animate symbols of Mahabharat era are also present as mile stones of the spiritual tilt of this sacred land of Barabanki district

At a Glance :

S No. Item Units Year Value
1. Geographical Area  Sq. Km.  2011 3891.5
2. Population 
Male  In thousand  2011 1707
Female In thousand  2011 1554
Total In thousand  2011 3261
Rural In thousand  2011 2930
Urban In thousand  2011   331
Schedule Caste In thousand  2011   865
Schedule Tribes In thousand 2011        .61
3. No. of Literates
Total In thousand  2011 1692.46
Male In thousand  2011  1010.52
Female In thousand  2011 681.94
4. No. of Tehsils No. 2013-14 6
5. Development Blocks No. 2013-14 15
6. Nyay Panchayat No. 2013-14 136
7. Gram Sabha No. 2013-14 1002
8. No. of Village
No. of habitated Village No. 2013-14 1817
No. of Inhabitated Village No. 2013-14 22
Total  No.  2013-14 1839
9. Towns and Cities No. 2013-14 15
10. Municipal Corporation No. 2013-14
11. Nagar Palika Parishad No. 2013-14 1
12. Cantt. Area No. 2013-14 0
13. Nagar Panchayat No. 2013-14 11
14. Census Town No. 2011 3
15. Police Station
Rural No. 2013-14 12
Urban No. 2013-14 10
16. Bus Station/Bus Stop No. 2013-14 93
17. Railway Station/Halt No. 2013-14 19
18. Length of Railway Line
Broad Gauge Km. 2013-14 131
Narrow Gauge Km. 2013-14
19. Post Office
Urban No. 2013-14 19
Rural No. 2013-14 341
20. Telegraph Office No. 2013-14 0
21. Telephone Connections No. 2013-14 6541
22. Commercial Branches
Nationalised Bank Branches No. 2013-14 111
Others No. 2013-14 33
23. Rural Bank Branches No. 2013-14 86
24. Co-operative Bank Branches No. 2013-14 19
25. Co-operative Agriculture and Village Development Branches No. 2013-14 6
26. Fair Price Shops
Rural No. 2013-14 1168
Urban No. 2013-14 124
27. Bio-gas Plants No. 2013-14 5460
28. Cold Storage No. 2013-14 20
29. Agriculture
Net Sown Area Thous.Hect. 2012-13 256
Net Irrigated Area Thous.Hect. 2012-13 232
Gross Irrigated Area Thous.Hect. 2012-13 471
30. Agriculture Production
Food Grains Thous. M.Ton 2012-13 1197
Sugarcane Thous. M.Ton 2012-13 564
Oilseeds Thous. M.Ton 2012-13 15
Potato Thous. M.Ton 2012-13 245
31. Climate
General Rainfall MM 2013 738
Actual Rainfall MM 2013 831
Maximum Temperature °C 2011-12 44.5
Minimum Temperature °C 2011-12 5.1
32. Irrigation
Length of Canal Km. 2013-14 1706
Government Tubewell No. 2013-14 303
Personal Tubewells and Pump Sets No. 2013-14 104668
33. Animal Husbandry
Total Live Stock No. 2007 1097805
Veterinary Hospital No. 2013-14 46
Live Stock Service Center No. 2013-14 65
Artificial Insemination Center No. 2013-14 112
34. Co-operative
Primary Co-operative Agriculture Loan Societies No. 2013-14 136
Members of Societies In Thousand 2013-14 165.41
35. Industry
No. of Running Factories Registered under the Industrial Act 1948 No. 2010-11 106
Small Scale Industries No. 2013-14 506
Workers   2013-14 1797
36. Education
Primary Basic Schools No. 2013-14 2359
Senior Basic Schools No. 2013-14 932
Higher Secondary Schools No. 2013-14 209
Degree Colleges No. 2013-14 19
Post Graduate College No. 2013-14 3
University No. 2013-14 1
Teacher Training Centre No. 2013-14 2
Engineering College No. 2013-14 6
Medical College No. 2013-14 3
Industrial Training Institute No. 2013-14 3
37. Public Health
Allopathic No. 2013-14 3
Ayurvedic No. 2013-14 22
Homeopathic No. 2013-14 17
Unani No. 2013-14 7
Primary Health Center No. 2013-14 74
Community Health Center No. 2013-14 25
Family Welfare Center No. 2013-14 29
Family Welfare Sub-Center No. 2013-14 372
Special Hospitals
Tuberculosis No. 2013-14 1
Leprosy No. 2013-14 1
Communicable Diseases No. 2013-14 1
38. Length of Metal Road Km. 2013-14 3933
Total Length of Road constructed by PWD Km. 2013-14 3101
39. Electricity
Total Electrified Villages No. 2013-14 1686
Total Electrified Towns/Cities No. 2013-14 15
Electrified Schedule Caste localities No. 2003-14 2056
40. Area covered under water supply using taps/ handpumps of India Mark-2
Village No. 2013-14 1817
Towns/City No. 2013-14 14
Total No. of lacking villages No. 2013-14
41. Entertainment
Cinema Halls No. 2013-14 5
Total No. of seats in Halls No. 2013-14 1510

Tourist Places :

Mahadeva :

Bam-bhole,bam-bam-bhole resounding with the devotees moving in groups with Kanwar on their shoulders is famous for Lord Shiva’s Lodheshwar temple where the wishes of the devotees are being fulfilled since time immemorial and continues to be so even today. Even today, the people flock in lakhs to this place in the month of Bam-bhole,bam-bam-bhole resounding with the devotees moving in groups with Kanwar on their shoulders is famous for Lord Shiva’s Lodheshwar temple where the wishes of the devotees are being fulfilled since time immemorial and continues to be so even today. Even today, the people flock in lakhs to this place in the month of
Mahadeva Temple
Phalgun every year i.e. on the occasion of Mahashivratri to worship and offer water to the famous shivling. This ancient Shiv temple is situated at village Mahadeva in tehsil Ram Nagar of district Barabanki on the banks of Ghaghra. Lodheshwar Mahadev has ancient history to its credit. The Shivling in this temple being one of the exotic and rarest of the 52 shivlings on the surface of earth.

Dewa :

The pilgrim town of Dewa is situated just 42 Kms. from Lucknow and 12 Kms. from the district headquarters of Barabanki in the heart of erstwhile ‘Awadh’. This is the birth place of Haji Waris Ali Shah who was to influence the lives of many generations of people with his message of universal love for humanity. Haji Waris Ali Shah came of a family of Husaini Syeds, and was born in thefirst quarter of the 19th century. His father Syed Qurban Ali Shah died in his early childhood. Hindus held him in high esteem and regarded him as a perfect Sufi and a follower of Vedanta. Haji Saheb left for his heavenly abode on 7th April, 1905. He was buried at the spot where he died and this place is marked by a splendid monument erected in his memory by some of his devoted followers, both Hindus and Muslims. Every year Urs is held at the scared tomb in the month of ‘Safar’ (July). Haji Waris Ali Shah organized ‘Urs’ of his father in the month of Kartik (October-November) where a big fair known by the name ‘Dewa Mela ‘ is held to commemorate the Saints. Pilgrims from all parts of the country and abroad come to pay their homage to the great Sufi Saints, Haji Waris Ali Shah and his father Qurban Ali Shah. A big cattle market is the highlight of the Fair. A good variety of cultural programmes are organized during the Fair including an All India Mushaira, Kavi Sammelan, Music Conference, Manas Sammelan, Seeratun Nabi etc. Sports loving people find great pleasure in events like Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, Athletics, etc. Hundreds of brightly lit and decorated shops offer a variety of handicrafts, household utility items, toys, delicious snacks and exotic sweetmeats. A brilliant display of Fireworks marks the conclusion of the 10 days Fair.


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