Home Rule Movement (1916) in India

Home Rule Movement (1916) in India:

  • Home Rule Movement was started by Annie Besant and Tilak in 1916.
  • Self government for India in British Empire and work for national education, social and political reform etc were the aims of Home Rule League.
  • Annie Besnat was the first woman president of INC (1917, Calcutta Session)
  • Annie Besant set up the newspapers -New India, Common Weal and Young India (1916).
  • Home Rule Movement marks the beginning for the attainment of Swaraj.
  • The Montague declaration of 1917 was the greatest achievement of the Home Rule League.
  • The Lucknow session of the Indian National Congress in 1916 marked the re union of the Moderates and Extremists together at Lucknow in 1916.
  • The Lucknow pact was executed between the congress and Muslim League in 1916.


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