Kushinagar District of Uttar Pradesh at a Glance

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Kushinagar (Padrauna) district, Uttar Pradesh (MP Constituencies) Deoria
Kushi Nagar
MLA Assembly Constituencies in Kushinagar (Padrauna) district, Uttar Pradesh Fazilnagar
Tamkuhi Raj

About Kushinagar District :

Kushinagar, district of the eastern Uttar Pradesh, is known for its cultural heritage all over the world. It is one of the four holiest places for the Buddhists. At Kushinagar, Great Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism, delivered his last sermon. Outside India, it is an International Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre. The followers of the Buddhism, especially from Asian Countries, wish to visit this place at least once in their lifetime.

Kushinagar,  situated at  53 kms   east from Gorakhpur on the National Highway -28,  lies between lattitude 26° 45´ N and 83° 24´ E. The district head-quarters is  Padrauna,   71 Kms from Gorakhpur  and 336 Kms  from Lucknow. It  is a  terai   area  covering the geographical area of 2873.5 Sq. km.  It is bounded by districts – Mahrajganj in the west, Gorakhpur in the southern- west , Deoria in the south and Bihar state in the east.

District at a Glance :

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Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
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  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
Population (Census 2011)
  • Population – 
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  • Male – 
  • Female – 
  • Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) – 
  • Density (Total, Persons per sq km) – 
Constituencies (ECI)
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  • Loksabha

Tourist Places :

Mahaparinirvana Temple

This temple stands on the same plinth as the main Nirvana Stupa behind it. The reclining Nirvana statue of Lord Buddha inside the temple is 6.10 metres long and is made of monolith red – sand stone. It represents the “Dieing – Buddha” reclining on his right side with his face towards the west. It is placed on a large brick-pedestal with stone-posts at the corners. There is an inscription datable to the 5th Century A.D. recording that the statue was “the appropriate religious gift of the Mahavihara Swami Haribala”.

Nirvana Chaitya (Main Stupa)

Nirvana Chaitya is located just behind the Main Parinirvana Temple. It was excavated by Carlleyle in the year 1876. During excavations, a copper-plate was found, which contained the text of the “Nidana-Sutra” which concluded the statement that plate had been deposited in the “Nirvana-Chaitya” by one Haribala, who also installed the great Nirvana Statue of Buddha in the temple front. A copper vessel was also recovered which contained silver coins of Kumar Gupta, an emperor of Gupta Dynasty, 5th Century A.D.

Ramabhar Stupa

Ramabhar Stupa, also called a Mukutbandhan-Chaitya,

is the cremation -place of Buddha. This Site is 1.5 km

east of the main Nirvana Temple on the Kushinagar-

Deoria road. this Stupa has a huge circular drum with a

diameter of 34.14 meters on the top consisting of the

two or more terraces and is 47.24 meters in diameter at

the base.

Matha Kuar Shrine

A Colossal statue of Lord Buddha is installed, which is  carved out of one

block which represents Buddha  seated under the “Bodhi Tree” in a pose

known as  ” Bhumi Sparsh Mudra ” (Earth touching attitude).  The inscription

at the base of statue is datable to the  10th or 11th Century A.D.


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