Muzaffarnagar District of Uttar Pradesh at a Glance

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh (MP Constituencies) Bijnor
MLA Assembly Constituencies in Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh Budhana
Muzaffar Nagar

About Muzaffarnagar District :

Un-Divided Muzaffarnagar (Muzaffarnagar and SHAMLI) is located at northern part of Uttar Pradesh. Un-Divided Muzaffarnagar forms a portion of division Saharanpur, and situated in the DOAB of the Ganges and the Jamuna, between the districts of Meerut on the South and Saharanpur on the North. On the west, the Jamuna separates it from the Panipat and Thaneswar tahsil of the Karnal district of Haryana; and on the east the river Ganges forms the boundary between this district and the Bijnor tahsil of the district of same name. It is roughly rectangular in shape, lying between north latitude 29º  11′ 30” and 29º 45′ 15″ and east longitude 77º 3′ 45″ and 78º 7′. The greatest length of district from east to west is sixty-one miles, and its greatest breadth from north to south thirty-six miles. The average length and breadths are about fifty-three and thirty-one miles, respectively. The total area in 1901 amounted  to 1,963,662 acres, or 1,662 square miles and in 2000 amounted to 4049 square k.m.. The district is well connected by road and railway network. National Higway-58 passes through Un-Divided Muzaffarnagar city. Upper Ganga & Lower Yamuna canal lie in this district.

District at a Glance :

  • District – 
  • Headquarters – 
  • State
Area in Sq Km (Census 2011)
  • Tota – l
  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
Population (Census 2011)
  • Population – 
  • Rural – 
  • Urban – 
  • Male – 
  • Female – 
  • Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) – 
  • Density (Total, Persons per sq km) – 
Constituencies (ECI)
  • Assembly
  • Loksabha

Tourist Places :

Famous Shiv statue of SHIV CHOWK in the heart of the city

BOHARON  ka Mandir (City)

SHUKARTAL: This is very famous hindu holy place  situated at 30 Km from district headquarter on the bank of GANGA. It is said that at this place only Maharishi Sukdev Ji narrated the Bhagvadgeeta before Raja Parikshat, son of Abnhimanu and grandson of ARHUNA. A temle was built near the VAT VRIKSH under which Sukdev ji narrated the story.


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