Yatindra Singh

Name Hon’ble Mr. Justice Yatindra Singh 
Address 23, Judges Bungalow, High Court, Allahabad.  
Administrative Judge for the District Lucknow
Source Bar
Posting Allahabad
Date of Birth 09/10/1952
Initial Joining 05/02/1999
Joining at Allahabad 05/02/1999
Date of Retirement 08/10/2014
Passed High School & Intermediate in 1st Division. Graduated in science in first division securing 6th position in the order of merit from University of Allahabad. Obtained LL.B. from the University of Allahabad in 1973.
Enrolled as an Advocate on 19th October, 1973.
Practised Initially at Banda and then at Kanpur, before shifting to Allahabad High Court from 1st July, 1975.
Served as Additional Advocate General for the State of U.P. Before Elevation.
Author of book titled “A Lawyers World and Childhood Dreams” & “Cyber Law”
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Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal at a Glance

Lok Sabha Constituencies in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal (MP Constituencies) Jalpaiguri
MLA Assembly Constituencies in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal Dabgram-Fulbari

About Jalpaiguri District :

The district situated in the northern part of West Bengal has international borders with Bhutan and Bagladesh in the North and South respectively and borders with Assam and Darjeeling hills in the East, West and Northwest. The entire topography is crisscrossed with rivulets, rivers and hills. The district is primarily rural with more than 80% of rural population. The district is the gateway to the entire North-Eastern States and Bhutan. Having high percentage of migrated population different cultural groups (Ranjbanshi, Ravas, Totos, Metch, Santhals, Madasia and Oraons) have created a unique cultural harmony which is rarely seen in other districts of West Bengal. The total Area of the district is 3386.18 Sq.Km. The district is divided into 2 Subdivisions 7 Blocks and 1886 Villages. The places of tourist interests in the districts are Garumara National Park, Lataguri, Chapramari, Chalsa, Jaldapara, Hollong, Madarihat, Murti, Khuttimari, Alipurduar, Buxa National Park, Toto para, Bhutan Ghat, Rajabhatkhawa, Jayanti, Bodaganj, Ambari, Kathambari, Kranti and Odlabari.

At a Glance :

Geographical area(sq. kms)  3386.18
(a) Annual rainfall   2548.8 mm (Up to August’2014)
(b) Temperature   37.9⁰ cel (max) 7.8⁰ cel (min)
(c) Geographical Location 26⁰15′47″ & 26⁰59′34″ N Latitude
88⁰23′2″ & 89⁰7′30″ E Longitude
District Head Quarter Jalpaiguri
Sub-Division 2
Blocks 7
Panchayat Samities 7
Gram Panchayat 80
Municipal Corporation 01 ( 14 words of Siliguri Municipal corporation
fall Within Jalpaiguri District.
Municipality 3
Mouza’s 418
Gram Sansads 1177
Police Station 9
Inhabited villages 404
Forest villages 29
(a) Male 1217532
(b) Female 1164064
(c) Total 2381596 (as per Census 2011)
(d) Population Density /sq.km 701
(e) Sex Ratio 956.085
(a) Cultivators 113290
(b) Small and Marginal farmers 121680(Marginal), 27482 (Small)
(c) Agriculture Labourers 141257
(d) Artisans 59000
(e) House Hold cottage industries 37500
(f) Allied Agro Activities 9800
(g) Non workers 987306
(a) Net cropped area 198256
(b) Percentage of irrigated to cultivated area 40 %
(c) Forest 64393
(d) Fallow land 11286
(e) Land not available for Cultivation 65696
(f) Cropping intensity 186 %
(g) Area brought under HYV seeds 60 %


Size of Holding No. % Area (ha) %
(a) Less than 1 ha 197812 73.05 109289 31.89
(b) Between 1 & 2 ha 49573 18.31 80011 23.35
(c) Above brought 2 ha 23384 08.64 153380 44.76
Total 270769 100 342680 100


(a) Net Irrigated area 79593
(b) By Canals 43320
(c) By Wells 573
(d) By other sources 35700
Agriculture Support Facilities
(a) Seed Depots 35
(b) Fertilizer Depots 778
(c) Pesticides 403
(d) Rural Market 165
(e) Rural Godown / ware Houses 11
(f) Cold Storage 26
Animal Husbandry
(a) Cattle 524734
(b) Buffaloes 6541
(c) Goat ,Sheep and Pig 372407
(d) Poultry 1068972
Industry (Registered C & SSI ) 4380 (including APD)
(a) C & SSI 24638 (including APD)
(b) State Govt. Officer 11581
(c) Registered working Factories 19116
Unemployed on Live Register
Co-operative Society
(a) All Societies 605
(b) Total Members 141837
(c) Working Capital 54.39 Corer
Post office HQ-2, SO-57,BO-242


(a) Length of Roads Maintained by PWD 486.4 Km.
(b) Roads Maintained by Zilla Parishad 1297 Km.
(c) Roads Maintained by Municipalities 350.7 Km.
No. of Reg. Motor 77749


Key Banking Statistics Particulars Total
No. of Banks 25
No. of Branches
Rural 63
Semi Urban 50
Urban 33
Total 146
Average Population / Branch 23119


(a)  Literacy  % 74
(b) Primary HS+Sec+U.P.
No. of Schools 1196 324
Pupil Teacher Ratio 27.38 47.72
Net Enrollment Ratio 99.58 98.52
Drop out Rate
(c) Higher Secondery School(HS+Sec.) 175
(d) Upper Primary(New Setup) 149
(e) SSK 593
(f) MSK 65
(g) High Madrasah 2
(h) Senior Madrasah 3
(i) General Degree College 11
(j) Engineering College 1
(k) Law College 1
(l) B.Ed College 1
(m)Centre of open University 3
(n) Madrasah Siksha Kendra 8
(o) Senior Madrasah Siksha Kendra 1
(p) Child Labour School 8


(a) District Hospital 1
(b) Sub-Divisoinal Hospital 1
(c) State General Hospital 0
(d) Rural Hospital 3
(e) Block Primary Health Centre 4
(f) Primary Health Centre 26
(g) Sub Centre 301
(h) Other General Hospital 0
(i) Family Welfare Centre 1 (At Jalpaiguri Municipality)
(j) Beds per Lakhs of Population 44
(k)No. of Doctors 83
(l)Infant Minority Rate 23.57 (2013-2014) Based on area repoting of infant death from
7 blocks and life birth of 7 blocks and District Hospital and Mal SDH
(m) Life Expectancy 59(M), 61(F)
(n) Blood Bank 1

Tourist Places :


Location : Located in the flood plains of Murti and Jaldhaka river of the dooars region in Jalpaiguri.
Approach & Access : It is 15 km from Lataguri, 10 km from Chalsa and 52 km from Jalpaiguri. It is recommended to hire vehicles from Chalsa or Lataguri to enter the National Park.
Accommodation : Accommodation is available at Gorumara Forest Rest House (Contact- DFO, Wildlife Divn.-II, Aranyabhavan, Jalpaiguri. Ph : 03561-224907) and private resorts in Lataguri and Chalsa
Prime Attraction : The scenic landscapes, magnificent forests, tall elephant grasses and rippling streams are added to the nature of this park. The main attractions are Rhinoceros, Elephant, Gaur, Leopard, Hornbill etc.
*Gorumara N.P. is closed during rainy season from 16th. June to 15th. Sept.



Location : This wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas in the district of Jalpaiguri.
Approach & Access : Can be approached by road from Siliguri or Jalpaiguri. Its 70 km from Jalpaiguri. This sanctuary is arround 20 kms away from Gorumara.
Accommodation : Accommodation is available at Chapramari rest house (Contact- DFO, Wildlife Divn.-II, Aranyabhavan, Jalpaiguri. Ph : 03561-224907) and accommodation used to visit Gorumara may also be used to visit Chapramari.
Prime Attraction : It provides a breathtaking view of forests against the backdrop of the Kanchanjungha and other Himalayan peaks. It is the home to diverse avifauna and mammals like Elephant, Gaur, Leopard etc.
* Chapramari W.L.S. is closed during rainy season from 16th. June to 15th. Sept.


Location :Located at a distance of 57 kms from Jalpaiguri and 7 kms from Malbazar
Approach & access : One can hire vehicle from Jalpaiguri taxi stand or can avail bus from Santipara bus stand. On its way to Chalsa the motorable road passes through a deep forest and tea gardens of duars which is really a enjoyable journey.

Accommodation : There are two bungalows with four double bedded rooms at the hill top of Chalsa, run by PWD. For booking of accommodation one can contact Ex. Engineer, PWD, Nagrakata construction division, Malbazar, Ph:03562-255129.
Prime attraction : From the balcony of a room one can enjoy the scenic beauty of hills and tea gardens. The Kurti river flows down the small hillock and tea gardens.


Location : Located in the flood plains of river Torsa in Jalpaiguri District.
Approach & Access : The main entry point is from Madarihat Town, situated adjacent to N.H.-31 in between Hasimara and Birpara. The nearest railway station, Falakata is 22 kms from Madarihat.
Accommodation : Accommodation is Available at Hollong Tourist Lodge (Contact : W.B.T.D.C, Hill Cart Rd. Siliguri. Ph. – 0353-2511974,2511979 or W.B.T.D.C., 6A, Raja S. C. Mallick Sq., 2nd. Floor, Calcutta-13 . Ph. 033-22370060,61 ) and Madarihat Tourist Lodge.
Prime Attraction : Largest population of Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros in West Bengal is found at Jaldapara. It also provides excellent habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger and other animals like Gaur, Leopard, Sambar, Chital, Hog Deer, Barking deer etc.
* Jaldapara W.L.S.. is closed during rainy season from 16th. June to 15th. Sept.


Location, Approach & Access : A place besides river Murti, around 8 km away from Chalsa and 60 km away from Jalpaiguri is famous for its scenic beauty. This place is located in between Gorumara and Chapramari.
Accommodation : 2 double bedded A.C. rooms, 2 double bedded non A.C. rooms and 2 non A.C. rooms with 4 bunks in each is available in the Murti bungalow. The rent of each A.C. room is Rs. 1000/- , rent of each non A.C. room is Rs. 650/-, rent of each bunk is 100/- and rent of a room with 4 bunks is Rs. 350/-. (Contact : W.B.T.D.C, Hill Cart Rd. Siliguri. Ph. – 0353-2511974,2511979 or W.B.T.D.C., 6A, Raja S. C. Mallick Sq., 2nd. Floor, Calcutta-13 . Ph. 033-22370060,61)
Prime Attraction : Excellent scenic beaury is the main attraction of this site. Both Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary are very close to this place. One can get day visit pass from Lataguri Interpretation Centre to enter the National Park and Sanctuary.


Location, Approach & Access
 : This place is around 25 km away from Jalpaiguri town and 8 km from Mainaguri. Taxi is available from Jalpaiguri and Mainaguri to reach this place. One can also hire van rickshaw from Mainaguri to reach this place.
Prime Attraction : The temple of presiding deity (Shiva) established in the year 1665 by the cooch king Prannarayan is the main point of attraction of this place.


Location, Approach & Access : This place is 70 km away from Jalpaiguri town. A road through the forest from Gairkata will reach you at the forest bungalow of Khuttimari.
Accommodation : Two rooms are available at the forest bungalow of Khuttimari. ( Contact – DFO, Jalpaiguri Division, Arannya Bhavan, Jalpaiguri. Ph : 03561-232016)
Prime Attraction : Scenic beauty and sighting of wild life is the main attraction of this place.

Buxa Tiger Reserve & Buxa Duar

Location, Approach & Access : Touching one state boundary and one international boundary lays the ‘Buxa Tiger Reserve’ in the eastern dooars of West Bengal. This tiger reserve is located near Alipurduar sub-divisional town of Jalpaiguri, wellconnected by train and road. “Buxa Duar” can be approached on foot from Santalbari.
Accommodation : Accommodation is available at forest rest house of Buxa Tiger Reserve (Contact – Field Director, BTR , Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri. Ph. – 03564-256005) and in a 16 beds dormitory at an altitude of 2600 ft, run by local Eco Development Committee for Buxa Duar.
Prime Attraction : The main Attractions of BTR is tiger, Leopard (Black Panther also), Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Barking Deer, Gaur, Pangolin, and Python. Buxa Duar is famous for its prison fort.


Location, Approach & Access : Rajabhatkhawa is 15 km away from Alipurduar town and located in between Alipurduar and Jayanti. This place is connected both by road and train from Alipurduar and Siliguri
Accommodation : Accommodation is available in both Leohouse (3 rooms with total 6 beds) and Tigerlodge (2 rooms with total 4 beds ) at Rajabhatkhawa. One will have to contact Dy. Field Director, Buxa Tiger Reserve (West), Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri. Ph. – 03564-255129.
Prime Attraction : A large variety of important flora and fauna exists in this area. Nature Interpretation Centre and Tiger Rescue Centre are points of interest of this place.


Location, Approach & Access : This forest village is arround 30 km away from Alipurduar subdivisional town of Jalpaiguri District and connected by road. One can also move here from Rajabhatkhawa.
Accommodation : Accommodation is available in a beautiful bunglow by the side of river Jayanti. 3 double beded rooms and a dormitory with 6 beds are available here. (contact – Ex. Engineer, PHE, Club Road, Jalpaiguri. Ph : 03561-230659)
Prime Attraction : Jayanti is famous for its rich variety of wild life and exotic scenic beauty. A stalakite cave popularly known as ‘Jayanti Mahakal’ and ‘Pookri Pahar’ are well known destinations from Jayanti.

Bodaganj, Ambari, Kathambari, Odlabari

Location, Approach & Access
 : All these places are at a distance of 25 km to 90 km from Jalpaiguri town. Bodaganj is 25 km away from Jalpaiguri in Shikarpur forest. Nearest station of Ambari is Ambari-Falakata in NJP – Haldibari route. Ambari is also accessable by road from Siliguri and Jalpaiguri. Kathambari is around 50 km away from Jalpaiguri and is approachable by road. Odlabari is 90 km away from Jalpaiguri by road.
Accommodation : Two roomed forest bungalow is available in all these four places. (Contact – Div. Forest Officer, Baikunthapur Divn., Hospital More, Siliguri. Ph. 0353-2436436 ) .
Prime Attraction : Scenic beauty of Forest and tea gardens, somewhere with a backdrop of hills is the main attraction of these locations. Tista barrage is very close from Ambari.


Location, Approach & Access : Totopara is a small locality in the northwest corner of Madarihat block in Alipurduar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district. Totopara is 22 km away from Madarihat town. This place is approachable by bus from Jalpaiguri and Siliguri via Madarihat.
Accommodation : Any person interested to stay at Totopara may contact with District Welfare Officer, Backward Classes Welfare, Jalpaiguri. Ph. 03561-230917
Prime Attraction : This place is inhabited by toto tribal community, one of the three recognised primitive tribes in West Bengal.

Nilpara, Chilabata, Kodalbosti

Location, Approach & Access : All these forest and teagarden areas can be approached from the Alipurduar town. Nilpara is 27 km away, Chilabata is 20 km and Kodalbasti is 22 km away from Alipurduar. Tourists will have to hire their own vehicle from Alipurduar to reach these places.
Accommodation : Two roomed resthouse at Nilpara (rent Rs. 150/- for each room), two roomed resthouse at Chilabata (rent Rs. 150/- for each room), and one room (rent Rs. 100/-) in the resthouse of Kodalbasi is available from Div. Forest Officer, Coochbehar Divn., P.O. + Dist. – Coochbehar, Pin – 736101. Ph.- 03582-222485, 222919.
Prime Attraction : Scenic beauty is the main attraction of these places.

Raimatang, Nimati

Location, Approach & Access : At a distance of 45 km from Alipurduar, surrounded by rivers and hills, Raimatang is a nice place to enjoy the beauty of nature. One can reach Kalchini by bus and from there can hire personal vehicle to reach this place. Nimati is 17 km away from Alipurduar. Bus service is available for this location from Alipurduar.
Accommodation : Two roomed forest resthouse is available at both the places. ( rent Rs.150/- for each room). Booking of rooms is done by Dy. Field Director, Boxa Tiger Reserve (West), Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri. Ph. 03564-255129.
Prime Attraction : Scenic beauty is the point of attraction of these places



NEET Result 2017

NEET Result 2017 has been declared on 23rd June, 2017. NEET 2017 exam finished on 7th of May 2017. You can check your result at NEET Result 2017. Navdeep Singh of Punjab has topped the entrance test with 697 marks out of 720 marks. He was taking coaching in Chandigarh. 2nd Rank has been claimed by Archit Gupta from Madhya Pradesh who has scored 695 marks. Manish Mulchandani who also scored 695 marks secured 3rd place.

NEET 2017 question papers and answer key released on 15th June 2017. Students can practice NEET UG 2017 Question Papers in online more for free. Download option is also available.

11,38,890 students wrote NEET 2017 which held 7th of May. There is huge increase in number of candidates in NEET-I and NEET-II. There were 11,36,206 indian nationals. Out of 11,38,890 candidates 611539 cleared the hurdle. 4,97,043 male candidates apeeared the entrance test and 266221 are emerged victorious. Similarly out of 6,41,839 girl aspirants 345313 could cleared the entrance exam. NEET 2017 conducted in 10 Indian languages and exam was spread over 103 cities.
Earlier it was announced that NEET Result for 2017 will be declared on 8th June 2017. But after Chennai High court order it was delayed. Supreme court intervene and advised NEET Board to declare the result before 26th of June 2017.

NEET 2017 Highlights:

Candidates registered 1138890 70.58% increase from NEET-I, 2016

139.37% increase from NEET-II, 2016

Indian Nationals 11,36,206
NRIs 1522
OCIs 480 Allowed for the first time
PIO 69 Allowed for the first time
Foreigners 613 Allowed for the first time
Male 4,97,043 43.64% of registered candidates
Female 6,41,839 56.36% of registered candidates
Transgender 8
Number of Cities 103 Against 52 in 2016
Number of Languages 10 Only 2 in 2016
Number of examination centres 1921 Against 739 in 2016
Number of rooms 50,000+
Number of invigilators 1,50,000+
Number of Observers 3500+
Number of City Coordinators 124 Against 61 in 2016
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